3 months in and it’s nothing to see!

It didn’t start as a New years resolution although it began, just one week into the new year!

January 7th was the first day of a new routine in my life! If you’ve followed any of my journey you may be familiar in knowing I sustained a knee injury last June- and have found significant limitations to what I could perform physically!

I signed up at a gym, to learn how to move from running and cardiovascular workout, into the world of daily weight training!

Having an injury really held me from doing the things I normally loved: sports, running and dancing!

I began weight training January 7th, after finding my way back into a gym to find another way to strengthen my knee, and my mind!

My starting weight and measurements are seen here- and my 3/12 completion below it!

You see! My body weight, composition, and profile remain quite consistent!

I felt somewhat put out knowing my hard work didn’t create the envision I had for my dedicated efforts!

I believe the only true gain I have made is learning the value of hard work! Progress is not a number – in fact it is so much more than a scale!

I learned that I am worth it! I learned that everyday it was my responsibility to show up- I learned that sweating and working hard builds stamina, flexibility and strength- I learned I am worth an hour everyday, and most importantly I learned that signing up to a gym had to be something I do alone- in order to successfully show up at anytime that worked for me! The gym had to fit into my world on my availability! I learned I could make it happen- I could adjust my day, and I could find a way!

I am no “skinnier” but I am wiser and stronger! Both my number of reps and weight of my lifts has improved significantly!

I am strong- I am capable and I am proud!

Today came an opportunity to decide- do I wrap up this chapter or do I move forward? I chose to sign up and move forward! I m in! Another 3 month journey into me!

I haven’t been on my blog in sometime and felt it was time to share my personal shifts inward Again at living, learning, dispelling myths and allowing myself to keep going! 3 months will not change your look , but it will do so much more, and for that I challenge you to go on and explore!

Shift with intention and you will discover so much more than you ever knew before!

I’m finally feeling stability that hasn’t been clear in just about a year! I know something is still underlying in the knee but it’s been rejuvenating finally feeling some gains, in functionality!

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