SHIFT- lighten the space between the path

What’s in the space between the lines?

I’m pondering about the path we each take in our lives, the path that makes our lives alive! At any given time we can Jump into something new , but what happens in between isn’t quite clear.

I believe the space between here and there is the magic we can’t see, it’s the secret to discovering your authentic wellbeing! I believe it is here we learn to break free, the difficulty of failure but the build of resiliency!

How can we sharpen the light in this space? The possibility here, truly is where your life ignites! The space in between is what speaks to your soul, it is where true authentic satisfaction is known!

we crave to achieve and success is our destiny, but the truth is – it’s not, it’s the experience of adversity!

Adversity happens in the space in between, the lessons we’re given, the courage to need. Everyone hates the space in between, where the work to succeed becomes unseen!

The space is darkened by perspective we believe, but what if we lightened the journey between!

It opens our hearts, and clears the mind, it sharpened our skills and builds character of time!

The answer is not always the goal you intend, it’s the knowledge you’ve earned that matters instead!

We all seem to want to tell the success side of things, , but why don’t we lighten the wisdom we’ve made! mastery, is not a destiny at all, it is the process between that redirects us all!

Happiness lies within the space, it’s the experience of life for all its retakes! to learn and to grow, to adjust and to know, it’s all in between , a place we should know!

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