There’s magic in the streets

But it isn’t what it seems right?! Don’t pull over, don’t give it another thought! Your on your own quest today, those are just kids you say, it’s just an annoying tug display! (or at least that’s what I’ve thought!)

I want to share a story about two boys who gave it a shot, it was more than just a magic show, it was a test to life response! The story started months before when two boys learned a trick, they carried this passion for quite some time, ready to experience entertainment!

It’s summer time and schools out, the excitement in freedom begins, so many children free to be- let the summer memories set in!

Two boys made their way through the hurdles of grade 3 but what they learned was more than math, science and sociology! Two boys learned to find fun each and everyday, to listen to their passion, and practice life intentionly! Our boys were into magic this year, always eager to use their magic hand, soon they found their chance, it was at a highway magic stand!

The little sign was clear to say, let us entertain you, for one dollar and some time, we are sure to amaze you!

Soon they went to work, leering people with a holler, and soon we watched the impact of each passerbyer!

Their goal was not about the dollar it was merely in being seen and soon they started questioning , the fire in their means!

Cars would come and cars would go, no stopping along their way, soon it was the muttering of words that impacted me today!

“Maybe we should switch to ice tea” was the words that were said, and in that moment I knew that doubt was taking ahead!

But finally, after patience, a family arrived instead, by chance it was their friend he showed up and supported them! This was the opportunity that shined brighter for each of them , this is the little seed set forth a chance to strengthen them!

Thank you to the other lady, who also took a hault, her day was somewhat troubling but she still felt the need to stop! a little moment from someone else was all these boys would need, the magic in their hearts was more than any other lead! She reported she was busy so didn’t have time to watch, but it didn’t matter to them, they noticed she came over to their shop!

The boys discovered a large lesson In that moment of yesterday, that passion in what you relate in life can change in just one negative thought!

They are just eight and questioning themselves in following their heart , it’s not the number of people out they’re it’s about finishing what you start!

Magic in the street was about living in their dream, it was a true reflection of how fast we jump when doubt takes way our well-being!

These boys were not about ice tea sales on the street – they were living with Intention shining out a reflection of living their true means!

They say “one act of kindness is sometimes all one needs” so thank you to the supporters your efforts were truly seen! I believe more, it was felt by two little boys, they’re hearts were supported and for that I believe – you directed them between the difference of jumping ship with Doubt or following their dream!

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