The day before heaven came

Ashur , Kalayha , and oaklyn, you guys should of seen, the last few days were wonderful, the best we ever seen! Snuggles with mom and dad, dangling on the swing, there was so much peace and happiness No worry bout a thing!

We went down to the river, where there was nothing in our path, we pranced along the riverside sounds of peace occurred at last!

There’s been so much love and laughter these past 15 years and more, and we thank you for giving us these moments, our family we adore!

We will remember each of you for your unique little ways, the way you showered us with love simply had it’s say!

Don’t worry either one of you, we are not to far away, hidden in the stars at night and the clouds by mornings day!

Remember all the moments we had, the memories we have made, know that these can comfort you and help you find your way!

One last thing I want to say, you really ought to know, dad nourished us with dinner last night, A treat beyond the best,, one full can of soft dog food really set for rest!

We are thankful for the love you gave, our lives so blessed by you ,know we will be loved and cared as both grandpas will take us through! We ll see you guys again some day, so do your best to smile, every minute now that we are gone, we’ll watch your lives that follow!

We love you all,

Love Chewy and Maggie

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