Conflict of experience

It happened again but this time I’m shunned , no longer will I tolerate feeling undone!

My confidence is depleted, I’m on E for energy and I’ve plummeted to the bottom of my exhaustion plea

I have been victimized!

My mind is racing with thoughts right now, colliding the Strain – heightening my anger, my rage but mostly rejection pain!

The collision of thoughts race through my mind finding all the ways to retaliate the battle of time!

The intensity of my flurry is writing a story, supported with power my version takes glory!

I believe i am right there is no other version, Im convinced on my theory, my feelings emerging!

Welcome to my experience! It is nothing like another, it is mine and I perceive it it has only the power!

I have been bullied but this time it’s clear The facts are quit obvious, at least how I face them here!

Let me talk to you about conflict just for a moment, if you have ever felt demolished then it’s a teachable omen!

As if someone has crushed your insides, time and time again the conflicts arise or…. wait , it’s harassment this time!”

I believe you.

I believe your hurt.

I believe you have questioned why someone doesn’t see your worth.

Policies exist in every work place, at least I believe in this day and age we like to ” say they do”

But what holds true.

What is a policy anyway?’ Will it speak up on your truth, or is it there like most things to serve as a guide for you.

What about you then, are u going to take back the power? Will you confront them one on one- and reverse the hierarchy tower?

Right- now who’s the bully is there still just one?’ It appears it’s a cycle of what battle will be won!

What if we could re strategize the mind?!What if we recognized empathy as prime What if communication was all that he said she said, and we learned to use it effectively instead?

Am I really angry In what you criticize me on- or is it deeper like guilt forgive me I’m wrong.

Our thought processes guide our emotions which guide our behaviours in all that we face, and every single instance our perceptions interlace! Some of what we believe stems from deeper within, perhaps guilt thou is the culprit of emotion!

Can we move past the victim and be empowered instead? Could we forgive our thought process and break it down clearer instead?’!

Could we raise up our empathy and try to be clear, what’s happening over there,for this to surface so near?!

We are raised to respect others, it’s a culture I guess, but we struggle when vulnerability is at best.

Use your battles to challenge your mind, challenge your emotions, it will be a different experience next time.

We cannot control how others treat us but we can choose one thing, we got the How To thought process!

The truth in the matter is it’s all about you,in what you believe is said to be true!

The other truth it may be is it’s all about them, their battle with insecurity, or a desire to win!!

Let that all go, use forgiveness instead,stop cycling on bullying , it’s a crime at its best!

Either you win or you lose, the power struggle is cue- Answer the why it will enlighten both of you!

why am I hurting what’s underlying my stress? Why is she hurting, or reacting at best?!

Maybe it’s both of us, who need empowerment to know- maybe its situational an opportunity to grow!

I believe we all want to be relieved of distress but knowing is empowering and a skill at best! Know when to walk away, know how to react,understand what’s in the way and allow time to question you back. Running away or running face on, both are the reason for the issue to go on!

Try finding the why, it will speak more clearly at you and it will change How you believe what’s said to be true!

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