We got this!

New year , new you! Hopes, aspirations and dreams begin today- and yet soon I find myself waking up with a massive headache, a hangover from the nights festivity, and a craving for mushroom soup- who knew that a cup of sodium could get in the way of the healthy revolutionary!

I’m barely getting through the day, holding hope that the power aide will rescue me from feeling so sway!

Come on – it’s time to move, 2 pm already, it’s New Year’s get in the groove! Ugh the kids are home what does a girl gotta do to be alone?! It’s family day, let’s make day one of 2020 perfect in some way!

Soon I find the energy to dress If I must, the van won’t find its way home alone so I must!

Coffee at 3- this might be helping me, but again who knows my head still wants to explode!

Dinner at 5:30, thank god for the mother in law, lasagna sounds great, it’ will balance the nausea!

Kids are all irritable who needs sleep anyway, we’re all just so messy it’s a new year of dreams making headway!

Then set in cravings, it’s a snack kind of time, a toasted tomato and cheese sandwich shall do me just fine!

Let’s watch a show, “Don’t f#%^ with cats” you know, a perfect disturbance to 2020!

Still the munchies make their way in, nachos and cheese and salsa for the win!

It’s now 1230 am, I am restless and awake, and soon it’s 3:30, How will I survive the coming work day!

I hear my annoying husbands phone alarm ring off, screeching so loud it’s hard not to dwell! He’s got the volume set at the loudest escape, the whole house is soon awake! it’s morning, and loud, why is this happening this way It’s a new year, it’s here , slapping you in the face! My positive attitude has dwindled and reality has set in, all in the name of new beginnings!

So here’s my goals for the days yet to come, one day at a time, there’s never a perfect one! Let’s smile at the dysfunction and make just one good choice a day, yesterday it was water, today, I packed the workout bag!

Good luck everyone on living the best version of yourselves – We got this!