What if there was a way?

How do we get the benefits of living to fulffill our dreams, without jumping all the way ? How can we twist our fate and find a new day?’just with tiny ways, change after change!!!

Welcome to Shiftyopurlifedesign, a place to grow, a place to be, a place for self reflection, and a place to see. You see, We crave the major transformations, with deprivation at is max, what if there were tools instead to foresee a second chance!

Smile -harmonize – inhale- focus- try was designed to encourage you to shift your mind, and your thoughts you once knew! Find being exactly in this moment a new way to be, mindfulness takes courage, but it’ will complement your life perfectly! it has no place for fear or judgement at its best, no more room for assumption which seems to set the quest!what comes will come nothing more, no need to stress today, living in a moment is about Experience of purity!

Smile at the experience, your meant to face this truth, harmonize your thinking, it s sure to help you through, inhale and breathe at this moment, it’s here as it should, try and stay engaged in life, it will challenge as it should!

A simple walk at boredom, an energizing lasting snack, a five minute video to side track the past. It’s laughing with the people right here in this breath, it’s giving 100 of you, it’ our purpose to be our best!

What is health anyway, I’m so glad you asked, it’s everything in balance quite like an ebb and flow. Good energy and positive thinking especially crucial to know! It’s a balance of our lifestyle that creates a healthy state! Nourishing ourselves with kindness, nutrition and fitness, taking the lead on wisdom , knowledge and new ways, breaking past our borders, listening and forgiveness, seeking understanding, not contemplation and demanding, not victim, not a persecutor, no being just a rescuer, It’s taking responsibility to our reactions not just being an accuser!

Measuring our health is possible – weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, but working on the inner self influences the blood flow! A greater self esteem, a feeling of genuine safety, a feeling of ability , especially capability.

Sometimes health is fresh, sometimes found per unusual , but what you give to nourish your soul is sure to help your goal.

Take a deep breath right in this moment it can replenish you, allow some time of stillness in, it directs you to the truth,

Listen to your body and mind it takes you to your soul, if your experiencing other than healthy, awake your spirit meaning!

Follow me for some inspirations on the tiny things do each day to find my way to healthy :


Today is about the breath! take five minutes (hide in the bathroom if you need), but settle into one spot you can just be, restfully alone, BREATHING!

A few beginners breathing techniques to learn for your next 30 days!

1. pursed lips

– relax your neck and shoulders with your mouth closed. Take in a slow deep inspiration through your nose (2count)

-purse your lips (like a whistle motion) and now exhale slowwwww through pursed lips for a 4 count!

try a few times to get the pattern connection

2. Diaphragmatic breathing

-*best when your relaxed

– lie back, slightly bending knees; (feel free to use a pillow under your head and knees here)

– place your one hand on your upper chest and another below rib cage (as a measure of touch/feel)

– slowly inhale through nose as you feel your stomach press into your hand , keeping the other hand still

– exhale through pursed lips (1), tightening stomach muscles, careful to keep your upper hand still! to increase the intensity of this, place a book on your stomach.

3. I love this one! the breath focus technique- one that allows you to choose a focus word -(smile, harmonize, inhale, focus, try- might be a few examples you may begin with); the idea is you will focus on this word through the five minute practices, repeating throughout breath work exercises!

– okay find a comfortable sitting or lie down position! bring your awareness now to your breath, without changing it!

– take a few deep breaths and alternate these within your normal breath, noticing any differences! (how one breath feels compared to another- how perhaps muscles tense up, or how your mind feels)

– practice the deep breathes

place a hand below belly button while maintaining relaxation! notice the rise and fall with each inhale and exhale!

– let out a loud sigh with exhaling

– now combine the deep inhales with your focus word

– for example- “SMILE” , as you deeply inhale; and allow this to guide you into happy focus and relaxation!

you can even say “Inhaling smiles”

Imagine that with each exhalation you exhale anger and frustration!

-Breath focus technique can be utilized everywhere! it is a perfect way to calm the chaos and release tension! With every new breath, a new experience can be the quest!

Enjoy your breath today, and bring awareness to it throughout your day, as you find your balance through work, family, and yourself care!

You are Beautiful!

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