I am stuck Indoors this week, basically strapped to a recliner after having my knee repaired- ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair! It’s day three and boredom, and poor coping is starting to get to me, im stuck in a bind, and feeling hollow in time!

I started the road to recovery snacking, sitting, resting, and doing nothing to adore the time placed in my hands- but today I am making a shift- I must find some productivity , even if it’s just one small thing a day off the check list!

Today it was submission of claims-

Finish the girl guide application forms, and organize the drawers

Commit to one creative live lesson a day- learning is a passion of mine, and given I have all this recovery time…. I must let my passions come to mind!

Recovery isn’t just about the physical injury but equally so about the mind! It isn’t easy combating the frustrations in the day but with a little creativity, there’s tons of ways to sharpen Away the pain of limitation!

What we do with our time is up to us! Recovery requires rest and stillness, but also the ability to adapt and refocus! Shift was designed to enhance the mindful life- to be in each moment fully and completely, and to listen to the needs, desires of our mind and body and to be non judgemental of our tide! I started to do much of nothing over the past two days likely something the body required! I could see how easily I could get stuck in this rut, so with a little mental switch I realized the potentials lying in front of me, to use my downtime wisely!

I need To have accomplishment and purpose to compliment rest! Recovery is an ebb and flow- a stop and a go. Our body will communicate to the mind what it needs, what it desires, and what more there is that can aspire!

I am off for the next month to rehabilitate my knee- with the goal of one day being back to my full physical capacity! What the restful moments of today is guiding me to learn, is that one must put forth the rehabilitation of the mind in turn! I want to heal, I want to grow, I want to commit to myself and I want to holistically know that I am recovered as a whole!

You see, full recovery is a holistic experience with mental, physical and emotional recognition! I realized after three long days I must make the best of the recovery phase! I began with a grief towards the loss of mobility, independence and function, and am realizing today that acceptance will allow my mind to move freely through what is-

I am joyful in the opportunity to relax, it’s something I’m not that good at, I am eager to complete some long overdue tasks- I am prepared for pain and mobile set backs, but I am aware I need both the good and the bad to find a recovery path!

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