A colour Hue of something new

If Colours present themselves in constant change based on their surroundings, could that be true for us as humans too?!

Shift is a mental heath promotion strategy, based on the idea that the key to health and balance is our mindset. If we change our thoughts, we can recover, heal, let go, and grow! The key to mental health is to learn to master our mind- but it seemingly is not easy! I began the journey to help others manage their mind, emotions, and behaviours based on the need I see each and every day in my profession as an NP. There is an epidemic of crisis, vulnerability, and victimization, yet we are not winning no matter the services and supports we create to help people through tragedy. I too was vulnerable knowing I could not fix for others, so I devised to strategize the way in which people could rediscover possibility. It’s a simple idea that we shift our mind we shift our life! Smiling can adjust our thoughts, harmony can nourish stillness and safety, inhaling can clear the mind and free the tension, focus can serve to redirect our path, and trying serves as the essential tool to break open an ongoing need for self discovery! You see, we can never stop shifting. We must be prepared to always expect difficulty- we must use our strategy to conquer every situation, and be open to change and growth.

Today I am studying color. Why? Because I too must go into a topic I assume I know. Little did I know how much I would gather, just on perspective, that colours appear different just as they are scattered! We must pick up the pieces and transition our position. If light sources heighten colour brightness, we must allow it to lighten ours. Just stepping into the sun can heighten our senses! How could this be?’ We must keep looking, scattering, and repositioning ourselves we must shift our thinking and look to the possibility!

Have you ever really looked at colour – as a study? Why a theorist designed a colour wheel to share the idea of opposites attract/ compliment one another?’ Our conflict is our compliment. It is there to build us.

You see color truly never is never what it seems, it is always in context of idea and relatively – it is never absolute (Rich Mehl- course on creative live – Course for Designers, exploration, theory, and application)! I love this- because everyone of us carry a point of view, judgments and assumptions from our experiences, and a varying degree of the knowledge surrounding the content! None of us see the world through the same consistency, and it is hard, yet beautiful!

Our purpose is to travel this life path with an drive for more! We must be willing to become more aware and explore ideas never explored before! We must use the challenge to strengthen our mind, challenge our beliefs, and mix a colour to find a new hue, shade, or tint of perspective!

You see our value is always misunderstood- the greater our value the greater our worth! If we change the value does it minimize our importance? Seeing colour differently can allow you to begin the work through mental capacity! If green looks different beside yellow than red, then why can’t we see that our position could be less than intended!

Start to shine your eyes on the colours speckled every which way, see how it reflects upon the display! Break down perspective- what is your thought, do u like it like this, or mmmm not my favourite shot! Be more aware of your surroundings today, notice what’s there, how it might be making you feel, notice the shades, how a colour is blended and presented today- it will look different if u take the shade away!

I’m intrigued from this study, I hope it sparked something for you, the magic of life is waiting, for you to try something new!

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