24 hours later….

How many people reached their tipping point yesterday morning too? Are you still here with me?! I know I almost jumped off last night, around my normal time , -around and after supper time! I fail to keep focused on the prize, or I feel boredom, and so the goals and dreams get pushed aside!

Okay so here’s the thing, we all wanted to skip the first step, but we can’t- because to make this sustainable and achievable we must first rest- and as I said yesterday, detoxify at best!

You see without rest and detox most of us fail to begin! We collect what we think we know and set out with all or nothing ratio! Today we must let that all go! I’m weak, don’t know what to do, I’m lacking the knowledge and perhaps cravings are killing you!

Okay, so here’s what you need to do: gather a moment to reflect on the entirety of all the whole foods you have in the fridge! You will need to grab a large pot to blend all this powerful knowledge in!

After you get your stew brewing, throw in the fear- we need it – it’s where the truth of all nutrients lye! Bring this all to a boil, as this brings out flavour of truth!

Rest rebuilds us, it clears up the mind, it allows us to see exactly what we justify as truth- in reality, it’s perspective the one you set forth already, let that shit go, it’s not a necessity!

Study your truths this week- get honest here, are you afraid of success, happy at average, or just not good enough? What does your mind want you to see, how can we help it and wash away what seems? That’s where detoxicatinf begins, but wait there’s more our body must also explore-

Allow vulnerability back , it seems to arrive best at rest, write down your reasons your not being your best- what thoughts must you detoxify, what habits are holding you stuck, what’s getting in between yet another day, of missing out on your dreams?

Detox soup- here’s a PDF https://shiftyourlifedesign.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/whate28099s-in-my-detox-soup-today-9.pdf , in true honesty, it’s magic to getting unstuck! And the recipe will share the valuable magic hidden amongst the foods!

So tomorrow Is an exciting podcast about some of my fears and how I will manage symptoms of those fears! Hypoglycaemia, discomfort, and food deprivation – just to list a few! Here’s a link to the podcast, with new content arriving soon! I hope also to hear sharing from each of you too! http://anchor.fm/tara-rudy. Sharing brings honesty to the test. Are you masking life in a trance, or are YOU giving IT YOUR HONEST BEST!

Im excited for twelve weeks too, I know I need all of you, along my personal journey through!

Did you take on any actions yesterday, did you use time wisely? I am starting first by removing impurity! I want to know what’ I don’t already know, so I read books, skimming between three or four, with random topics, because somehow they all know what I need from their messages. Don’t fixate on the diet, start looking for more, grow your mind a bit today, and lets start to intentionally explore!

If your reading and following along, today is a day to rest in your thoughts. I do want you to dream up your goals, write them here, be accountable out loud, or should I say hold them in due of fear. I am going to change my life, in 12 simple weeks, I am going to stop letting weight be my fight, it’s no longer going to be an issue.

My goals are large, I am in Charge- so what do you say, are you making yours’ large too? set the target high, and get OBSESSED with the time is right!!!!!! can’t wait to produce something new for you tomorrow morning. Join me and my dream!!!!!!!

Tara R. (still just a girl trying to find her way!)

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