Start Fresh… week 2/12 Restoration is the foundation

The idea you arrived suggests that your Curious about the next step? First, let me introduce myself!

I’m just a girl trying to find her way! I am naturally a brunette and can do everything in between! My favourite things are music, dancing, and photography! I am surrounded with love- Jon my husband and three kids- Ashur, Kalayha and Oaklyn! I work usually as an NP, but my real dream is travelling! I am off for one more week, after sustaining injury- surgery- and now rehabilitation! I am doing this for us to break through the noise, so should we get going into week 2 of journeying back to a fresh start!?!

Were you able to get more clear on what’s holding you? Are you also here because your struggling with the weight issue?! Rest and detoxifying the mind likely didn’t come easy for most of you, because we’re human beings – and our natural tendency is to be- and think, and do- but what happens is that too much of all of it just makes us more confused!

If you didn’t take the time to rest, I encourage you to bring this back into week two- and continue the journey of detoxicating what’s keeping you back! For today, we’re moving forward into the next stage of the journey- restoring the truth! What’s complicating here is that all the knowledge you have gained is YOUR truth! You’ve learned so much already from your life journey and this is not a curse, it’s honestly the thirst of what will get you through! The hydration of knowledge is never a waste- but learning to restore the process for you is what’s at steak this week!

Did someone say steak?….. what did that word do for you?

Say it again. steak. And again. Steak. Notice what happened within you, did your mouth water too?! Your not likely wanting steak, your emotion tied to the pleasure of it sunk in, and created salvation to crave- again! Let that sink in. Your mind controls your emotions, which controls your behaviours too- it’s a triangle in disguise- the formation of truth.

Write that down, it’s a piece of the framework as !you move through- thoughts-emotions-behaviour

So how can we restore back to a foundation right for you- we must gather all the knowledge we have obtained, bring it along with us, because nothing we gain is ever wrong- but it has value for each one of us- in variable context, that’s why there’s a million pieces of literature out there on the trends of what we should consume! We’re driven By theory, but the truth- the evidence is what you gained already!

The list off the top of my head- high protein, low carb, low fat- high fat, ketogenic, alkaline, intermittent fasting, Atkins, paleo, juicing, IFIFYM (If it fits your macros), body type, vegan, vegetarian, low FODMAP, ww, whole30, and something I learned today, just googling it- Flexitarian! If I can google these, and get trillions of reasons to take choice to these, then you can too, and likely that’s what you do (as do I- even that is truth!) I should know better, I’m an NP, but you know what guys there’s no wrong in finding a system that will teach you new ideas, and value the opportunity to learn something about their why! You see the harm is going into extreme- jumping off your foundation, just to corruptly find yourself bouncing back to a pattern of dysfunctional living, back again!

Why does this happen?! Reflect back up on the word steak- buried emotional truths exist- and it shifts you back in.

Last week we set forth a goal to rest our efforts in our mind and to listen and detoxify what we define as “right”. There’s merit to a lot of what we try, but something swings us away from the tide and we tend to drown from the inside!

Did anyone listen to my podcast last week- my goal went from 1 pound to 54 lbs in the matter of a day- why set myself up with this from the start, and not settle for any less of an amount-you probably felt like saying! I know, we all suggest SMART goal setting, here’s a link here on what that means and how to get started on this- if your not already aware! That for me- wasn’t working- or should I say, I wasn’t working hard enough with a SMART goal! I chose the larger goal in order to take the steps- necessary to create change!

(I used Microsoft OneNote to make some printable notes- you should create an account so you can access these wonderful steps! I know it’s a pain in the ass, but it might open you up to learn something new, and have a new tool at your fingers to doodle!- don’t worry it’s free- you just need phone or computer capacity!)

Click here for your SHIFT – Smart goal template and sample

Going for one pound was essentially my hold up- My actions were so minute – (if I took any at all)- that I wasn’t willing to take the necessary actions my goal needs in order for me to succeed! but why-

Because the value wasn’t there!!!!!

We must find something of value and thrive there! My motivating factor must come from a place that satisfies my drives and swings my accountability high!

How are we gonna go from 1 lb to 54lbs then?! By restoring the foundation my friends! We must restore every piece of information already within each one of us, and utilize what we already know! That’s it- a simple framework of living a healthy life, starts with every ounce of what we have already been given!

What is common in all that exist- quality of food- and the amount we put in. Quality of our lives and what we do with it. And the quality of our mind in what we do to shine!

Sometime this week, take a simple inventory of truth- use the link to help you understand what’s at your disposal waiting for you!

Its waiting right here——

Inventory to do list

Basic nutrition and heathy lifestyles understanding starts where you are, that is the truth. I don’t believe we lack the understanding, we are just out of sink from most of it!

What happens when you clean and organize your room? Do you take everything you own out?! No you realign with what cleanliness means again and you move on it to find freedom again!

How many of us get going and start one room, and soon we hit another and another soon the effects of one clean room, keeps you acting upon another and another, and you are soon energized to keep going as your almost at your goal- the entire house- is soon cleared! Think about it for a moment, how many things went out to the trash from that first room? It’s detoxing to the mind, and soon the body feels detoxed too- and now it’s fresh-

Detoxing our body will begin, because we are into week two. Should we jump into all or nothing or can we start in one room! Follow my podcast this week to learn how to take action on restoring the body to move you through another week of possibility! I will get it up soon! Detoxing just started but the truth is – it will forever be included in what we do- as will rest- as these are crucial into making room for something new!

Restoring our foundation is the valuable tool to take with you this week- where are you now?….. what must be restored in order to get back to a path that will work in alignment with what’ you already once knew!

I’m excited to proceed – into week two! Give yourself reason and the action will happen next!

Finally the framework to my goals 2020!


Oh by the way, I’m gonna make this a bit more about play- about finding the gold! Wanna play the game?! Scattered within one of my platforms will be the Gold box containing my success- are you curious to know?! Find the box- it’s out there, somewhere! You could win- one of something new coming for spring! Comments are an entry way in- share and help let’s connect from struggling alone!

Going for the gold!

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