Acting out the choice- 3 x’s better

Do any of you feel it was a long two weeks of doing nothing?! Progress was happening! Today thou- is going to be life changing – today’s the day, you make obsessive beliefs you have what it takes- and you take the lead on it!

Actions are with you always- and it comes down to this – the choice! You don’t get this chance again- take action!

I’m back to work after five long weeks and prepared to focus on all that I learned this far in my journey of recovery! the value that rest and detoxication enlightened me with, and bringing my framework into focus! This week is our most crucial step- crushing your excuses and problem solving through the noise!

Choosing now must be set to work for your YOU! That’s all. One moment, one breath – one choice at a time, and the definition of success will begin to shine! We know what our obsessions can do for us- they can remove self doubt and help take you up! So what can you do today- what’s the most important thing you get through today- the choice- it’s your only successful strategy!

Let’s bring the fountain of knowledge given to us, and make a choice on our bodies needs vrs desires now! We all know what helps a plant grow- dirt, embedded roots, water, sun, a space to grow, and love from our environment as we know! But in order to keep it growing- it depends on your choice to provide this environment for it!

It doesn’t have to be the extreme to grow abundantly! It had to be consistency!

Smile this week- make it your mission to invest in this freedom! Let the weight of regression, negativity, and inability go- and harmonize with your goal for gold

Inhale the freedom of choice- and take the actions this week to surpass fears, and let’s keep going!

Every single day, focus on the lessons you’ve learned, and problem solve the moments your choice led you away from your truth!

Try something this week, take that one excuse and work through it- I am working on setting forth evenings , where I always choose to let it all go- I am going to do more fun, and choose to fill my time with energizing behaviours, like blogging and podcasting, and art! Sharpen creative living is my action to part way from the adversities yet to come!

3x the success will start when you push through the fear and excuse!

Here’s a link at bringing my foundation to action!

My action plan using my foundation at hand!  (Web view)

I’m gonna share my excuses this week too, tune into my podcast to see if these relate in some way for you/ and learn what you can do!

Shiftyourlifedesign podcast

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