Coronavirus 19

It’s a crazy morning,

As I have been focused on self improvement this last month I feel compelled to wear my nurses hat today, to help Instill strategy to protect one another! We are a nation being swept away in fear, and as I would say, let that fear be the guide and intuition to take charge of one another! The world is doing it well, closing doors, sending our prepare messages, encouraging one another on skills to self care, at a time we all are reaching into ensure our basic needs of safety and security are at the forefront of everyone! As I venture into work, to face the ill over the future coming weeks, I assure you, I’m not going in unprepared! We are heath care providers and we will listen, we will guide, we will comfort, and we will be the tide to remind you, your personal duty to protect others here!

Be fully aware, be prepared! I cannot recall a time where the world haulted like this. There has always been a world that payed attention to haulting the spread of illness, and this is the one extra large action that matters! Cheers to the government and decision makers on showing the world they care about us!

For business and economy to give up so much, I thank you.

I am rolling my personal protective plan out, starting in my own personal life: talking to my own kids today about Illness and health, reminding them and ongoing encouragement for them, about our obligation to take good care of ourselves, our communities, and our nation!

Follow the direction, self isolate- don’t question, if you meet the guide of travel, or onset of illness, follow the regimen! It’s really what matters!

Believe you have the knowledge of wellness. Have a grocery plan. We don’t know what’s to come. Laugh about the toilet paper strategy, judge it if you will, but are we all preparing?! Your responsibility to self care is here! Use this as an opportunity to make a change for preparedness! It’s a life skill!

Saskatchewan is my home. I haven’t ever really needed to worry about the effects of the crazy storms, but there coming, along with illness, disease tragedies, and pandemics!

My list for all of you, review good hand washing techniques! It’s not just before we eat, it’s after sharing common equipment , even scissors and balls! Have a hydration plan, and self care meds for illness. Tylenol, gravol, chicken noodle soup , electolytes are crucial! Have your best interests in mind the next time you go to the grocery line!

Our health leaders assure us it will come to Saskatchewan, but they also feel if we all do our job , the risk is low. So let’s detox the judgement , and make a pack to self – prepare, for what ever is to come our way!

Let fear in, let it guide you to strategize through this pandemic!, and let’s take safety precautions in as a way of understanding our world is undoubtfully full of risks, and it is our duty to listen!

Read the memos, follow the updates, listen to your inner needs, and most importantly, help our little ones take the lead! don’t let fear hold you stuck, act on it, and allow it to guide you to a a moment you may be vulnerable .

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