Motivation Shortage?’ Week four!

To do or not to do-

Does knowing you can have it or knowing you can’t change the way you react to it? Someone once said, an object in motion stays in motion, that’s motivation, and you better believe an impact on the way you react to your life!

We have this misconception we need motivation to get going- I believe that’s the backward approach to get to your goals! Take the action and motivation will come as a result after that! Every action leads to a chain reaction and oddly motivation musters In for the ongoing win!

It’s week four and the actions of the first three helped me discover lesson four! I’m diving into new divides, letting even more knowledge and challenge in, and letting go of the hurtful things! Motivation win!

Learned helplessness results from negative conditioned learning, which is Mostly an unconscious mess! By experiencing the “helpless” feelings of negativity, (aka no motivation) you become more likely to sit on it! Empower your reaction to take the lead! Action will guide you to to the exact path that will manage all that! Because the secret is, Motivation exists after it!

Lack of motivation is an escape strategy which is the one thing holding us back! We have conditioned ourselves to reduce to excuse, but hey guys let’s say this- not this time, it’s week four and here’s to “No motivation”


Unlearning helpnessness can be a crucial way to maintaining motivation, and productivity – practice identifying your own commitment shortages and soon you ll be energized to fight adversity!

So let’s refocus how to find the motivation here-

1. Follow through

2. Accept you will never be 100 percent prepared, but you will be 100 percent committed (and motivated) if you’re taking action!

3. Recognize your rational voice- retrain to reframe it! Design a system to reframe the gaps

4. Be empowered By the new duties required of you! The exact thing your lacking can be discovered here!

5. Expect Your new role to feel uncomfortable

6. Realize that All success begins with doubt-

7. Establish a motivational foundation

8. Keep your vision clear

9. Make the foreign territory familiar

10. Identify 5 core values for self efficacy. Mine are right here:

  • Confidence- I believe in my ability to succeed!
  • Adaptation- change and maintain effectiveness in changing environments
  • Grit – passion and perseverance
  • Keep pace with my growth opportunity- always open up to learn more, as you go!
  • Leadership-  continue to guide facilitate others to love being their best self!

Values are the roadmap to positive decision making!

It serves as a communication to oneself of who  you are, and what your core is made of! Believing in oneself is strategy to overcome every excuse, and commitment shortage!

Have you determined your five core values? Take the time and align with the being you truly aspire to be, wrote your values down and remind yourself frequently!

So “No motivation to take a start?


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