When the world and efforts collide- week five

What the hell was that last week? I’m writing virtually ahead of week five and have to remind myself again about rest and detoxication! With the extreme doubt overtaking any efforts this week, we must remain focused on the idea that health requires a give and take!

Routines are upside down, priorities are paramount, so how does one consume a fresh start ? We find the freedom to accept what is, and make the best of a crisis! My fridge is full of beautiful greens, and I feel like food for the soul- chicken noodle soup sounds nutritionally whole!

Now is a good time to remind you of the 80/20 rule- cautious living, preparation and action can take you to the win!

I have no doubt many of us are struggling with mental fog, fatigue, anxiety, and uncertainty: use this journey to help you recognize your patterns under these extreme mental democracies!

My four year old, on day two of isolation, fell and broke her leg. We were adjusting to a new way with the Change through regular every day life, and are gifted with transition once again. Her situation creates a new challenge in the way we use our family time- once again realigning what we can and cannot do now as a team In This tide!

What is in my control- is the way I react to the pressures of each new day. My priority is my family- and health, and wellness for all of us through everyday need! 80 percent of my decisions will align with my priorities, but this week more than anything I must allow 20 percent in! I must be kind to myself. I must let go of the control, and listen intuitively. Recognize a need vrs want and observe go to patterns of thought!

I must use my body’s cues here more than ever, or I will rebound back what I’m trying to recover.

Some of us choose alcohol, food, drugs at comfort, i must use family, books, and hobbies through the slumber! I have found a liking to walks again, hobbling post knee surgery but refusing to give in!

Keep your family together this week, allow yourself 20 percent, be kind to one another, and use health as your foundation of continuing the freshstsrt through all the wonder!

This too shall pass, are you going to be stronger because of it?

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