Week 6- You have to do it YOURSELF

There’s no program that works as well as the one you decide to use!

I have been taking steps to learning what I need to get me through the noise! Resources are everywhere, you just have to be willing to consider your knowledge and ask yourself what you need to commit most! Learning is key to ongoing success, but nothing can out-beat your commitment.

You may hire a coach who can serve to be asked questions, assess you, assist you to and offer advise for you, but no one but you can make those efforts and changes- no one can impact your outcome as much as what you do!

Guidance is genuinely what contributes how you apply skills and live strategically But in the end, again, Its all on you my friend!

Last week I looked at 80/20 rule- in light of doing lifestyle right! I learned so much about the value in just the 20 percent! If you get the 20 percent 100 percent right – you will succeed in the end! The 20 percent are likely your most vital pieces to the greatest level of all success!

Interested ? Check out the podcast to learn more on how this can be the secret to success! This rule can be applied into everything you do here’s a link for you to find your way through!


I know for me it helped me see that not everyday can I nail 80 percent of Health- but narrowing it down to just getting the two most influential skills right will take me through to reach the top! It is these moments of flexibility that I must perceive as priority!

So week six speaks on committment, defined as the state or quality of being dedicated to a , activity, or goal!

You have to do it yourself- here’s how!

There’s a said difference amongst making a committment and keeping one, as many of us have experienced through failures and quits- (or lack their of)! We can typically commit to something out of emotion, fear, or obligation! What starts as one thing might result in another as we journey forward! How much we commit depends on our emotion to it- are you driven by the love or hate of something? Yes you are?! Are you driven by the excitement or boredom of something- yes you are!

You see the simplicity of pleasure impacts the ways in which we commit!

The continuance also impacts the level in which we keep our commitment- some of us commit in fear of a perceived loss if we do not! I know that I step forward to a committment for fear that if I do not I will face a risk that is far worse- than choosing not! Perhaps being fat fears me to commit to weight loss/ always! Making the committment is easy, keeping it is often dicey!

Finally the third component of the commitment analogy is the sense of obligation – normative commitment! Doing 12 weeks to a fresh start was an obligation that allows me the ongoing movement to keep my commitment made!

The most important piece of the triad is to grow the emotional aspect! We must have passion and be fed positive energy to guide our commit keeping journey! If we relied on the fear of getting fat, or the obligation once made to follow through with that, then we would not fully engage holistically in how we approach that thing we set forth to commit upon at the beginning! That feeling of fresh and alive and new can not be only for the beginning, the power of feeling must journey through and be the foundation to our objective living! If we flourish from our commitment , it will nourish our commitment keeping!

We must always filter back knowledge through the other two pegs of commitment through self assessment: what was the perceived loss- at best- could we reduce the fear and rebuild our self assessment- being fat what does that mean- is it really what we think, is it really quite extreme?!

Remind yourself regularly that an obligation is only a piece of keeping a committment- and how we internalize the obligation can mean the difference to how we prioritize and carry forth our obligation!

One leg of the three truly impacts the keeping of a committment- learn to understand it, learn to manage each contributor and learn to master your ability to commit fully!

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