Maybe Covid brought a gift in!

It has been an emotional rollercoaster these past two weeks , learning to self distance and learning to live a whole lot differently!

It was the small gestures which had me reflecting in on all this, and I pondered whether covid was given to us to learn how to reconnect as a nation once again!

How simple acts of kindness that I have experienced over this past two weeks, really made me see the value of connection.

Today marks a day I was preparing to go forth to discuss how cell phones are impacting our mental health to a wonderful group of moms! The irony today is oh so funny to think, Wow- all we have today is our phones to connect with the world –

I want to share just a touch of how connection impacted my life this past two weeks, starting only a few days after the hault to socialize was made. March 19 my four year old fell and broke her leg, and I hesitated, even as an NP to take her through to the emergency. It wasn’t this situation that impacted me emotionally, it was the gesture of a friend following. A small gift was left at our door to brighten my child’s day after her sustained injury!

A second gesture came, when another gift arrived a few days beyond, ribbon for crutch decoration , another simple gesture that resonated a love song!

Today I felt the emotion in disconnection again, as we paraded by my daughters friends door, to honk and celebrate a birthday from our car peering through a slipped window to sing the birthday song, with tears welting at the smiles

The small connections are a gift again.

Maybe we can learn from covid 19 the value of connection , and how to let go of the distraction, when we’re given that chance once again!

Find time to embrace your loved ones. Find time to crack open a recipe and cook. Find time to master a project, find time to write a letter, and send it once we can reconnect. All the small things matter. All the small things we could never find the time- matter, again even more then ever before. People matter. Connection matters. We need to use this to remember the value of one another.

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