Let’s live out week 3 again because it’s week 8

Hello to all the super souls who are still engaged in getting toward your goals! Let’s take a step back today and remember week three, the action step , all again, but for week 8! Will it look different this week compared to back then? What have you learned, what have you pondered and where are you beginning? Is it the same as back when?

I bet you’ve grown in some way over the past several weeks and can take action again, to find a new pathway!!

What’s on for the day then- are you wondering a new take, I know it’s seriousness, moving excuse out of the way!

Goals require obstacle clearance the essence of today, lighten your way to a new take on renunciation! This word is new to me, but in simple words it means to abandon something.

I have learned so much over the course of this start, I’m focused and determined to finding my heart! You see, we are each on a journey, for that I can relate, nothing comes easy but if it’s worth it you keep looking to make change!

Re evaluate your efforts, what still remains- is it the excuses trumping your pace or is it something else holding you today!

Vulnerable is a must if you want to break free, letting go of fear and comfort in living! Take the next step because you have what it takes, the choices are yours, and mastery will be made!

If your still following and it’s already week 8, your mastering commitment, still focused to gain! Often we suck at finishing what we start, but if your still here that’s worth celebrating your part!

Actions are the key to success strategy, so let’s nail week eight , YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES!

Here’s the thing, I want to drop a little secret here, when we cultivate a detachment from the things keeping us stuck, we can make space for attachment to the lasting stuff that moves us! You see, when you realize excuses have kept you away from goodness itself, you will no longer excuse your behavioural self, because you will chose to make room for everything else!

When you make room for action you come face to face with a healthy reality! It will work to remind us how as people we easily choose, wrongly!

Attachment to food quantity and quality (or anything your using for that matter) (also the 20 percent of 80:20 that matters)can advance to addiction – which becomes an addiction to the problem, not the solution!

We must work through letting go in order to make room for our souls to be renourished with the greater good! We must feel that sense of discomfort as we take action in order to reach a new level of freedoms for the win!

Ask yourself this-

Do you struggle with feeling attached to something,?!

What would be the most difficult about loosening this attachment?

Step one is letting go of the old to make way for the new! Offer it up for the sake of a change waiting for you!

Here’s to Week 8 let’s make the space now, let renunciation repurpose the who about you! Your old attachment will no longer serve important, and soon you will discover enlightenment for simple enjoyments!

Realize you might have less physically, but internally, you have way more, so today offer it up and let’s begin to explore more!up an up

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