The next big step/ find space for motion – week 9 You can’t win if you don’t play!

The bears are coming out of hibernation, so let’s join the forces! This week I want to talk about the value in exercise!

We are scattered beings, and it comes as no surprise that many of us choose stillness over motion, because motion exerts energy! My favourite saying, an object in motion stays in motion, and an object at rest stays at rest!

Making room for motion requires effort and drive! To be alive means to mobilize ourselves toward our greatest capacity! When you have been inactive for a time, getting started is the hardest part. We attempt the jumpstart only to become flustered in the moment it takes to stay with it. Staying engaged in the activity, not necessarily the activity itself, is often the hard part. It’s easy for me to jumpstart but I notice it quickly deteriorates, finding myself falling apart mentally! Why? Because our minds are not wired to push through the middle part! The brain starts talking about the difficulty, the pressures and strains of the activity start to heighten the pressure and soon you find yourself heavy and ready to jump away, back to the comfort in rest and stillness, back to our usual reality!

Train the mind.

The hard part is putting in the time. It’s not about the shape your in but your willingness to dig in. Your willingness to engage, and to set forth a new way, and for many of us that is making activity as part of your day!

You see, every fitness regimen comes with a basic, to advanced routine. We all have some capacity to find our medium.

I am almost 3 months post knee surgery, and so my will to exercise has been changed. I am no longer able to accomplish what I once could, I left my practice of applying time to fitness as a better good. I was directed to rest as a mechanism to heal, but all it did was leave me with no mental capacity to hold space to feel.

I am ready to get back at it! It’s time I strengthen and lengthen the muscles that were set to rest, and guess what guys, I have to start readjusting my thoughts at best!

Mental capacity to hold space for fitness is key to working our way to heathy!

You see, I am different today than I was yesterday. My body is different and it changes my mental capacity to believe in me- and my abilities to succeed! My muscles and core are weak, my cardio tolerance is different, but because of all this I must find my way back to moving forward with the today’s version of me! I must find my own capacity And make the space to perform it a priority!

Wherever you are with activity, find it first in the mind. Do something, lightly and retrain your mind to engage in mobility! Allow this to build capacity to get active , minute after minute, day after day, stronger and better then the day’s, weeks, and months before!

You can do it.

I am following my fitness regimen and I’m frustrated in the modifications, but I’m celebrating my ability to set the time up for my success! Today is the day, to take excuses away, and do something for me, to find mastery!

Holding space for fitness is key, it’s what’s going to lead you to living abundantly! Are you really tired, and sore, and outdone, or is it more like before, your mind quitting and pulling you back to comfort in slack.

Remember, an object at rest stays at rest, and an object in motion, stays in motion!

Keep putting in the work of time, let’ the intensity grow after you create a routine that defines your worth this stuff!

Take the start. You can’t win if you don’t play the game!

Fitness is part of the game! It’s the part that teaches you to move through the decision, and to work through self discipline! It helps remind your mind you and your movement freedom matter! Take it one step at a time, and you will be fine!

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