Victories and excitement work to persuade week 10

But it’s not the only thing

I learned something yesterday about having a fixed mind versus a growth mind. We all wanna chose the idea we live with a growth mindset but in reality many of us are living our lives in an unconscious state.

You see, the everyday ways we journey through our days presents the notion we are actually fixed minds. Not seeing victories as you aspired?! Maybe because your not truthfully living in such a way that opens you up to that new desire. We want to believe we are doing are best, but are we? Or are we fixed in expectations on how we move through this quest.

We are all doing the best we can with what we got, but here’s the thing……

The best isn’t good enough.

In order to shift your mind, you must follow it through to shift everything from there in what you Pursue and do, day after day. It really should be something you’ve not ever seen, a tiny push past the challenge you must out see.

A growth mind requires you to do what you don’t do. When you learn to let go of comfort, and push past it even just slightly, you will begin to surpass the fixed notion your doing it well, because that’s not it, you must do it better today, then again better tomorrow and again, and again, working our way better then the days before along the journey of continuum.

Fixed is making the same gains day after day, growth is mentally making new ways day after day.

Acting Upon these changes is sure to find you to the new pathway.

Make today new. It’s a brand new day designed for brand new change. We are growth beings, and our minds must believe that what we’re doing today is of purpose to prepare you for tomorrow’s surface.

Challenge yourself this week. Stretch past what your doing now. Apply this concept to every new day and decision that comes your way, it will be the entity to power, it will design a life you never allowed her to over tower!

It is then you can believe you have a growth mind.

WE GOT THIS, As my cousin would say!

Love today, embrace the change, stretch the challenge and pave the way to something great! Your working on the most purposeful thing, it’s you, my friend, love what you do, because it’s building capacity for the tomorrows version of the who in you!

Victories and excitement persuade but they do not create the mindset frame-

That’s for you to see, for you to believe, for you to achieve, and for you to For-see how far you come when you look back on the challenges of yesterday and the strength and ability of today, all in which was gained because your growth mind acted on a dream!

Change your mind Change your life

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