For she is changing

I’m writing today from my porch swing , thinking about a fresh start.

Take a pause right now.

Look up. Look out there. Look all around you.

See the tall trees and lifeless leaves.

See all that’s out there trying to be.


We are older and We have changed.

Your here. Right now. Breathing air.

Today. I ask myself, What do I want that is no longer the same?

What is wakeful and driving the pain?

What’s exhausting all that yet remains the same?

Need for admiration?

Need for looking, acting or aging a certain way?

Breathe and look outside today. Remind yourself life is not staying the same. it’s changing.






It’s all here. Wake up and see what’s there. Notice what is and what’s here for repair.

I took a good look at myself this morning. I seen it all. My hair is different, my face lines have changed. My body has changed , and I am no longer the same.

See yourself now.

Notice her.

How awake is she?

How awake am I? I walk past her every day and mostly, I see the lines.

Stop again. Ask yourself this,

What nourishment has she been given? Is she thriving or surviving, what have I missed?

See her. Is she ordinary ?! Are you seeing the beauty and important things she has under that hair?

It’s time to break through and see the truth.

She’s there. Capable, beautiful, and successful.

Cure the curse it’s what’s up for repair.

Critism defeats her. embrace her change. Build back the likes of courage and a new perspective to share.

Trace her worth.





Have you seen those things, have they been there all along?’

Stop the superficial ruins.

Uplift her spirit, Buff out the perfection

and love her again.

She is you. Not someone designed to be wrinkle free, thin, or young eternally.

We need to change, for we are aging. Accept the who is you and value that worth.

Nourish away the distortion. Invest no further the emptiness that holds her.

she is changing and

She is utterly amazing!

She’s here. Worth admiration. Her wrinkle lines tell a story worth all the glory this time. She will continually grow if you nourish her soul.

Be brave today and take on her whole!

Your designed to change, it’s the inevitable goal.

How we see that is the destiny of the soul

For she is changing! She is whole!

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