Its a hell of a climb

The final obstacle to witness success is to accept powerlessness for all it is. The only time you will touch into the deep root of something is to be vulnerable to it, and for many of us it’s a form of powerlessness, that holds us from doing any of which we desire.

A fresh start begins only after you admit the vulnerable pieces are keeping you from doing something completely! The parts you feel powerless about will essentially be the light to guide you closer. When you are able to discover your powerless struggle you can then and only then begin to break down the borders holding you to the struggle. It requires you to take it from a place entirely outside of space in which you have tried.

Often we hold onto failure to avoid acknowledging our powerlessness towards something.

Allow the surface of powerless to come up for you. Allow it to light the pathway to change. Powerlessness is powerful. It is a very important starting point for learning what it takes- to make space to truly understand the borders in which you must take down.

I am aware of the broken things in my life, and I am mending them now. My heart gets overwhelmed, I am uncomfortable being still, and I am addicted to comforts, to ease the struggle. I am me, and I am healing, and I am realizing the value in taking things at their root rather then at face value and for this is power!

Allow your next phase of wellness to focus you toward what truly is your destined matter. The heat of reasons when, where and why we delve past our deep ends!

-Restore the foundation

-Allow excuses to help you win

-Mindful distract and set out again with intention knowing Failure is apart of life and efforts and your world will collide, but you can

Master commitment again.

Fight till you see the sunlight, Offer it up- and let the decision be yours to not stop.

Make space for stillness, and motion its all in the pendulum.

For she is changing

I’m not smaller but I’m wiser today, twelve weeks into a change.

Powerlessness allows me to reconnect again and to find Kindness and self compassion for the win.

Committment is key,

A fresh start is amongst me!

Twelve weeks gave me space for the simple realities of change. It allowed me to reflect upon what is valuable and what is not. It brought back strength And the capability to see its a hell of a climb but I’m not gonna allow that to stop the incline!

You got this!

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