Health is the consequent to knowledge!

I wanted to offer a bit of what I have gained over the last week, after diving into something new! I signed up ready to learn about the effects of hormones on our health and I came out with oh so much more! The hormone advanced module integrated functional medicine reminded me of the need for holistic medicine!

As a nurse practitioner I am trained to provide holistic health, evaluating the determinants of health from many domains-

  1. Income and social status
  2. Social support networks
  3. Education and literacy
  4. Employment/working conditions
  5. Social environments
  6. Physical environments
  7. Personal health practices and coping skills
  8. Healthy child development
  9. Biology and genetic endowment
  10. Health services
  11. Gender
  12. Culture

All of which has guided my foundation as an NP!

We all know that the supply and demand for medical care is a significant barrier to health services, and to supply everyone with the most appropriate map to health and wellness we would require hours at a time to begin to understand the impacts life has on individuals these days!

As many health and wellness practitioners and coaches do, we thrive to work along side of you to guide you toward your best personalized medicine! This is not an easy undertaking, but with time, persistence, and strategy, health can be the ultimate outcome!

NPS are trained in a diverse way, implementing preventative care as an upstream approach to longevity! But as life happens, so does the risk of dysregulated systems!

For the past three years, I have made it my mission to learn, address, and advocate for the mental heath and wellbeing of my clients, for this alone constitutes over 60 percent of the problems I see leading The causal relationship to ill health!

The fact is, we are designed to live our lives, designed to change, designed to grow, and designed to revitalize through the ebb and flows of life! What happens thou when there becomes a problem in our ability to de- stress after exposure to constant stressors within our lives? We go into overdrive!

Overdrive is one of the most influencing problems in the health outcomes, we are seeing each and every day. Overdriven minds lead to dysfunction over time- leading to both signs and symptoms of illness!

Let’s take me for example, a 38 year old female with multiple complaints- overweight, with a difficulty in losing weight, menorragia (heavy menses), dysregulated emotions following ovulation (pms),anxiety (often denied), and nervous system complications – carpel tunnel syndrome and a numb toe), thyroid nodule- and symptoms of under active complications- hair loss and skin changes). A complex array of symptoms yet I cannot diagnose any of this to one system at fault!

You see, evaluating a timeline is key to discovering, progressive disease!

I will spare you the details of time through my life, but will tell you, when you lay out stressors on paper, it can really help you see how many many years of complexity can lead us to the consequent of managing stressors Ineffectively! None of us cope poorly on purpose and all of us want to believe we have tools to effectively work through the difficult moments, but the truth is, if your not doing well physically, you have likely had layer upon later of internal ailments stacking upon you- until your suddenly not okay-

I am not saying your stressors were trauma or loss, but maybe years of low self concept! What I am saying is this:

The mind and body connection is the consequent!

I have learned to accept that my life circumstance (whether perceived or real), has impacted my bodies stress response and inability to heal!

Hormones are the chemical messengers that tell our bodies what to do so there is no wonder that these functions are vital to our health and our well-being!

Every body system takes direction from our endocrine system!

After this past week, I am ready to reintegrate modifiable factors in my life (rest and rejuvenation, exercise, diet, and connections), and to heal- – replenish the effects of stress on my adrenal and hormonal system!

I have learned I don’t have to know it all to begin, but I can begin with changing a few of my regimens!

As a consumer of health, please start somewhere! baby steps begin the path to health! Start with what is in your control, evaluate, ask, and and SHIFT past (smile, harmonize,inhale, focus, try)!

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