Drive health back!

Ever wonder why the all too often normal labs are interpreted as “healthy?”

Willfully blind is one explanation-

Labs are only a piece of the puzzle!

In fact your story is the most important determinant of health and no matter the results I am here to tell you, your not going crazy! And there are steps you can take to find yourself!

Not feel well?

The body is designed to heal, and so a healthy set of labs is half the quest! The body is functioning to sustain balance in every way it can! That’s what our bodies are designed to do, to rebalance again!

Symptoms tell you that your body has a problem, and it is vital you listen early- before the complicating labs flurry!

Begin your health regimen by learning about intuition! Healing requires listening to your own systems, and applying the healing methods before complication of disease is seen!

I have always heard the advice “get up and exercise, and make sure you eat right”- but no one ever allocated by what standards are right!

Listen… getting healthy requires you to react intentionally to body dysfunctions naturally!

Many people believe they have to…

  • Starve themselves to get thin or follow all the complicated diet systems
  • Rev up there Interval training and obsess about their intensity

The truth is, if your adrenals are not functioning in balance today, your entire endocrine system with follow the pathway!

Listen to the signs, and begin reading between the lines! Don’t wait for the labs to clarify!

Your health begins with what your taking in! And remember food is medicine- so do not skimp out on fuelling yourself with intension

If your wondering, could a change improve me? Start taking responsibility!

I’m sure many of you are similar to me, “I’ve tried everything” and yet I am struggling!

Begin with the symptoms

I have had a dysfunctional GI tract for far too long, so I’m revving up the dietary fibre to heal the first wrong!

I am eating clean- but in a way with new means- a diet rich in nutrients, eliminating inflammatories (gluten and dairy).

I am working on me- Exercising within my capacity- (15 minute strength video and some walking)!

I am practicing settling my stress with intension- reading, writing , and thought collection)!

I have started to supplement for nutrient health- fibre, multivitamin, and something for my adrenal health- ashwaganda, and I have began to explore my hormonal health)!

I am hydrating with water, an old lost medicine, it allows for detoxicating and cell regulation!

I am studying my symptoms and listening with intention-

None of us have it all figured out, stop listening with apprehension!

Your health begins within, no matter the lab interpretation!

Healthy mind is the start of a healthy life!

Don’t believe your under too much stress?- try mapping your past – and allow it to align you back to how your body has handled it!

I want to encourage you to start in the gut, balance the way your GI absorbs the good stuff!

Work onward from here, one step at a time, your actions for health will pay off this time!

To drive your way well, begin with the map, know where your going, before you step on the gas! Take the driver seat again, not leave it to labs, make some changes now can get health back on track!

Remember no two paths have been the same, so take your own map, listen intuitively to the symptom in your path!

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