Break the rules!

I sat down this am for my usual cup of morning routine and I realized the lack of workouts I’ve put in this last two weeks!

Somewhere amongst the heat of fun I forgot to discipline myself with my usual fitness stuff!

Instead I rested.

I relaxed.

I laughed

I lived mindfully through every moment knowing the summer would soon pass!

I enjoyed watching my kids break through –




And strain,

and every other demon I sure wished I could take away!

We tried new things, including me- from

Knee boarding, tubing and lake swimming!

We used our time to adventure past the side lines!

I learned we all must let go of our comfort as we know.

We all must allow ourselves to settle in for the unknown!

Even me- The grown up drilled to routine!

Allow yourself to “break the rules” sometimes

Set yourself free from all the routine, and break past the barrier of “what if” strategy!

Live mindfully- day after day, be active through adventure and live intentionally!

You ll build more than you know, your strengthening the mental muscle!

Smile , harmonize, Inhale, Focus, Try

There’s happiness on the other side!

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