Beyond every fear!

I agreed to go, even thou i knew what I was up against! There was sure to be uncertainty, terrain, and experience all which typically i enjoy best, but there was fear, anxiety and a loss of control which was hindering the request! I knew how much i wanted to be apart of an experience like this, much more then what would happen if i faced regret by missing it!


I was pushed internally beyond my level of comfort and i couldn’t be more proud! Taking the the hike was more than an intense physical experience, it was a mental and emotional one more!

Together, three of us took on the Rice River Canon on a whim! No time to stress or over think this day, let’s just go and adventure away!


It was a bear interaction intimidating me most. what if it happens what if one shows?! The power of fear had so much over me and it was almost enough to change my ability!

Well he was there as we drove to start , a small gift to remind me we all can share this space around us, nature is such a beautiful thing! I worked myself past what fear and anxieties I had, and we moved ourselves into an experience that would last! a life time beyond any fear or doubt because i grew the most!

Here is what i found in there-

First, the river led me closer into my soul and the terrain taught me not to hesitate- just go!

There is nothing more mindful then the experience of rough terrain , no choice but to take one step at a time and miles are made! The wild is filled with obstacles inside! one step at a time, focused only in stride! You can’t look ahead, just look back in aw, you only get the moment to mindfully withdrawl! We climbed through rock, mud, and fallen rough trees, and it was enough to remind me i have exactly what i need!

I am proud of this trek and my friends for believing for me, pushing, and encouraging, and being apart of my team! We all found our way, sometimes taking our own path, but we celebrated each other and what conquers were had!

take on your fear, because what lies inside is far more exciting then the fear lying inside!

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