The ripple effect

I haven’t written in a while but an annual renewal notice reminded me how i have been neglecting my creative means and my self care strategies!

If I have learned anything over this past year it has been the ripple effect analogy of life! Everyone surrounding me has a choice to their means and a reason why to their life strategy- BUT have you ever considered zooming in on a choice- to see the ripple effect of every single noise?!

Our lives our all interconnected , and with a pandemic I see, we all impact each other, it’s the exchange happening unwillingly!

You see, what I do, effects you and you and you , and what you do effects me, and him, and her , and them too!

Life requires we learn to make good choices every single moment of every single day! we are taught values and ethics along the course of our lives, but are we taught to be resilient to make change to our tides? What one does to another leaves a lasting effect- all from one choice , one action and one ripple effect!

The ripple effect is the continuing and spreading results of a choice, an event, or an action, and we all have the power to stop something from happening – or even more to start something! It’s the chain of cause and effect and it’s everything, it’s life, we’re interconnected no matter the vice!

With the return back to life we’re sent on our way, given new policies, expectations, and fearmongoring! There is so much confusion but fear underlies, we’re feeling out of control and with our freedoms at mind!

My children are learning to recognize the ripple effect in our home, there decisions how they behave and the consequent of their NO- all escalate on and create a consequent effect, everyone affected and no ones needs every truly met!

You see, whether you believe something or you don’t your decision impacts the rest, so every day just try and do what is best!

Mental health and illness results from the consequences through life, but we all have the power to heal and do right. It’s the same essentially as the spread of disease, one act of another can lead to healing beneath!

The world is tired and everyone feels the overwhelm, but we’re in a pandemic no matter the ground! how can we stop the spread of disease- try to let go of what we believe! the fact of the matter this disease demonstrates the ripple effect, and we all have the power to effect the outcome of it!

So whether your a mom, a dad, a coworker, or friend, be aware of the consequent of actions my friend!

Whether it the mental health crisis or the pandemic effects , it begins within our home talking about the ripple effects!

Self care alone begins the ripple effect creating of peace and love and health consequent ! but care onto others does something more- it’s a beautiful opportunity for you to explore!

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