Design a timeline

In order to get to SHIFT we must begin to understand where we are!

Today we start with mastering Our own story! You must listen within, discover and look for patterns of health and illness in order to fully discover Your why before find the answer to guide your try’s!


Antecedents: Discuss your fetal and birth experience with your mother or father. were there any significant events, traumas, sufferings? What is your family history?

Now, from birth until today, draw your story in a timeline, recognizing triggering events, illness, sufferings, signs, symptoms…….

My mom begins her experience indicating her pregnancy went well, but my dad was always gone. I was born October 18,1981 and i came abruptly, without complications!

We moved from BC to Saskatchewan when I was super young and my mom had another child to care for and admire! My dad began displaying change to his mental health around these days, and he was eventually found to have schizophrenia. Over time the difficulties became to be and soon we were leaving. My mom, me and my brother moved into a low income home and we began our journey as 3, a difficult task for a mother- financially!

Let’s think back…… when did you last feel WELL?

We moved away around grade three into Saskatoon, a city, where my mom took nursing, a career choice to support her children independently ! Eventually she met a new partner, which brought in his rules and ways, which heightened my anxieties and i became rebellious to find my way.

At just age 14 I fell ill with viral myocarditis. I was on life support as a measure to allow my heart time to mend from the virus!

At age 18 i moved away from home to begin university! During these four long years i learned to let go, and grow but I started really noticing my own emotional struggles!

I became an RN at 23 and moved to My current community! I enjoyed my freedom to have good work, but I was still young and experimenting my worth!

Four years went on, and i began again advancing my education, another stressful journey to become an NP, but this is when i met Jon, who supported and nourished me to believe I could!

In 2010, I was 29 i became pregnant – and i believe a lot of my symptoms flared here, from back pain, to carpel tunnel to weight issues, and emotional difficulty!

I carried on, eventually having another child two years on, and finally my third in 2015- at age 34.

The last five years of my health, despite putting my best choices forth, started to heighten my wisdom that i had imbalances in many realms!

Symptoms directed issues at my immune system, my cardiovascular, my gastric, and my neurological systems, along with endocrine, muscular, skeletal and mental health systems!

IBS, vision disturbances, metabolic resistance, numbness and tingling and, emotional dysregulations.

Every system seemed to be suffering!

You see, today we look at Our story. The one that brought you to here and it describes a time when you were last well and what happened from then until now!

I was always guilty at zooming only at the symptoms, and was neglecting to see me as one large interconnection!

The matrix of our lives can begin to define about the time you started to experience warning signs. If your anything like me, you often have tried but eventually the problems became larger inside!

Take the time to draw your matrix today. See if you can see a pattern to your life!

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