Outdoor fitness challenge #1

Today i encourage you to find you earphones and a good ole playlist, and head out that door by the end of your day, to complete your first fitness challenge of SHIFT 30.

Sometimes with fitness we tend to look too much into the future that we miss the moments in the now! Today is your day and I encourage you to show up for your brand new path! Don’t overthink this challenge just dress up warm, and head out the door! The magic comes not from where you go but by making that first step to look past all the other things you generally use for an excuse- all your reasons holding you from change!!! Today SHIFT your prioritize and rid all of your excuse, and take YOUR first step past that door into the great outdoors!

A short stroll, a power walk , a dance to the rhythm, or a bit more , a jog might be a treat! It does not matter which pace you take, just get outside and enjoy your first escapade!

A Winter walk…..

I challenge you to find a small private piece of a path, crank that tune up and shuffle to the beat some, try to do it four times within one song, it will feel silly but it will heighten your fun!!! For music inspiration check out my itunes radio station!

Here’s my favorite COVID 2020


Try and enjoy your evening walk what ever it looks like – be proud of showing up! One of the most difficult SHIFTs to make is the dedication of showing up! One step at a time and you ll do just fine!

Walking is one foundation to a healthy lifestyle- it not only is a GREAT exercise, it is exceptional for the mind! If you feel courageous this week, use this challenge daily Or as fitness junkies would say “as many reps as possible” this week! Park further, go twice, take the longer path, and find a new way back! Have fun with our first challenge to Healthy!

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