The equation to health is much more complicated…..

A closed mind believes the successful way to health requires a committment to one thing! For example, “If I would just eat healthier, I would become healthy!” But the truth is, health is much more complex than this all of nothing thought process!

Health truly is a sum of all the twelve parts of what designs a healthy life! From the day we are conceived our biological chemistry imprints genetics within each of us! These pieces of what can become are activated with the fuel our lifestyle creates, and a spark to ignite the genetic pathways!

We are raised with only our wisdoms in which we have obtained and these patterns in our mind need to be challenged to see, health is much more than one behaviour belief!

Breaking down the determinants of health may help you to better see what’s below the root of all of health domains, and their outcomes challenge our decision pathway!

If all of us were raised in the perfect environments, all of our 12 basic needs would be designed perfectly. This genius belief could only mean we would live in a world of harmony!

We all know that we each are a sum of days past, bringing unique variables to each of our hands! Many of us lack the basic entities for healthy, not by choice but through days gone and a combination of problems before our time have led to the imprint of our own life design!

You see, if the above equation of A +B = C we would never have individuality!

Number seven of the determinants of health is one piece of a complex domain, which implies the amorphous thing known as our lifestyle and all the social and environmental factors that interact with our lives!

All the variables could line up perfectly, and you could still suffer with ill health biologically!

In order to truly be successful in targeting YOUR health goals, YOU must first determine YOUR obstacles ( social, gender, cultural, economic, knowledge, genetics, environments, work conditions, and your upbringing)! next You must reflect on your matrix, your personal timeline as a process of your individual life! You see one medical problem has many many causes!

Let’s look at Obesity- for one- Is it made up of laziness or too much food? that is one of several complicating beliefs, but it’s much more, it’s a disease! A disease is built over time, running from many exposure risk lines!

So what am I saying?! I am saying that healthy humans must build resilience to cope with challenges that interact with our unique lifestyles! Instead of assuming A+B = C, learn to see this is not the necessarily! We must shift our life Design by building the tools for everyday life, experience and exposures in order to problem solve, study, practice, and listen within, as guidance to behave according to your individual needs regimen!

Learning to look past the simple thought of all or nothing is the first goal- it’s a journey to assess why you do what you or why you don’t do what your intensions say you should do!

The more you ask Why and learn to understand the things holding you back, the better your outcome will be, after solving these mysteries!

We all know there are far too many choices possible when it comes to our self, which path will you begin to understand first?

True healing my friend, begins when you move past the all or nothing belief, and give yourself time, energy, and a new strategy! Mind over matter is a wonderful thing, it can reset and problem solve everything!

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