Friday fun day

Today let’s take the lead on making your day experience fun! It requires a few things first-

#1. Attitude

How you perceive enjoyment is an inside job, all experience can be judged before it happens so let’s set our intention to let adventure today be fun however it comes!

2. Do something new – out of your ordinary To-do’s!

3. Extend gratefulness to each experience- this alone will heighten dopamine, the feel good hormone!

Are you ready to have a little fun?!

Everyday ways to make fun in your day!

1. Try this 23 beginner hip hop series

HipHop for beginners

I felt like a dancer again when I tried it! Are u up for the challenge today, if not, here’s a few more ways to add fun to your day regimen:

2. Abstract paint- make it about a feeling not so much an image!

3. Borrow/rent or dust off a pair of snowshoes or skis and hit a trail-

4. Take a mindfulness walk with your children- photograph one colour on your adventure- and upon return look at the way you moved into observation!

5. Go to a park and let the kids thrive- better yet get up there and play!

6. Pay It forward in a thoughtful way / notice how the gift of giving creates a happiness feeling!

7. bake

8. Build a snowman –

9. Try sourcing out an outdoor rink for a dkate

10. Connect with a friend for a social distance virtual glass of wine!

Enjoying your journey is valuable aspect of health and wellness! Break the boredom code by re energizing yourself by trying one of these 10- if your brave participate in all of them:)

We must learn to drop expectations each day and move through an adventure! Adventure can awaken your soul and remind you – YOU are whole!

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