Tangled in failure

Today was my first day back into my 30 day Yoga after taking A three day hiatus –

Why did I skip it?’ it wasn’t too hard or too long, in fact it was quite the opposite from all of that!

You see, I spent the evening houseparty’n(on the app of course), Wednesday, which sent me into the tailspin of neglect!

Thursday morning i didn’t get up at my usual time so when i finally did, i pushed over my to do list, willingly choosing I would skip. From here it was easier not to, because i tangled myself into many opportune excuses!

Thursday came, and it was my anniversary so we spent the evening out bike riding and experiencing which only could mean another day gone, another chance at neglecting a yoga journey!

Friday i was tired.

Saturday, i was unmotivated.

And today, I found boredom! Free time to be inside, to do nothing if the opportunity arrived! The cold frigid air dictated my way, a gift in so many ways!

Did the failure of three days mean I would no longer complete?

I was reminded today of my priorities.

I completed day 19- A strengthening episode, to realign my priorities. The courage to stop, I accepted. The courage to start. I accepted. The courage to forgive my decisions, I accepted. I am built upon strength each time i find myself gearing off track. I am strong and resilient and can find my way back.

I stepped back into my mat, similar to the day I left and I commenced, into my Yoga journey with a focus upon strength!

How ironic.

Cheers to failures today, an opportunity to define priorities!

I will succeed, because of my determination and my mind belief!

Stopping did not define my worth, but realigned me to my worth!

Celebrate failure – a reason to negotiate your time and to understand success is an individuals game plan!

Day 18!

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