Benefits from a smile

Did you know that a smile can actually work on the effect of releasing cortisol?

But you may wonder, is there a difference between a genuine smile or forced one?

The answer might surprise you because no matter which way it is made, the result can turn out the same. A smile connects within, going directly to the Brain system. From here a release of chemicals that are designed to fight off stress and impove the production of dopamine, serotonin, and other happy endorphins!!!

So no matter the pain, no matter the ache: a smile can help alleviate the side effects that stress creates!!!

I once blogged about something known as the ripple effect, (check it out here!)the act from one simple thing integrates a pathway to impact what or whoever comes in its’ way. This works from a smile too, send those out and gift a reaction to those facing you!

What do you feel when someone smiles at you, how does this impact come through back within you? Its an amazing thing, its non verbal, its’ communication!

A little physiological preview says, that when we uplift the nervous system, the parasympathetic reaction can set in, thus, intervening the fight or flight mechanisms!

A smile has so much more to give than a simple complexion initiative! Use this tool, its’ free and always there, It can reduce stress, alleviate pain, and alter your anxiety through everything!

I once created this simple YOUTUBE video, and believe its so much value as we shift!

Check it out!!!

Turn it up and enjoy! see what ripple effect can come!

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