The ten takeaways from a 30 day challenge:

What began on January 3 into a yoga 30 day challenge is wrapping up to be far beyond 30 days! I completed my challenge and have these things to say:

1. I failed to commit consecutively but i moved through it- and finalized my start goal anyway, four days late!

life arrived differently on days 20-21-22 so I skipped. In those three days i listened within – the practice never stopped calling but i wouldn’t listen!

The failure of skipping- gave me the knowledge of success, i wanted to finish , no matter the process!

2. The value in a breath!

Sitting in stillness brings noise to my mind- each and every time! I learned that with each exhale- i could let that shit go. The tool of breath is an amazing way to Inhale intensions and exhale what no longer serves us!

3. To practice with all you have- both on and off the mat-

With any career there comes a time you crave to explore more, but this past month i was given the lesson to meet each clinical senerio with the thought of abundance- I have everything i need, if i learn to give more to each situation, I will exceed!

4. I loved my Yoga practice

I always felt yoga was too still, too long, too boring, then I discovered Yoga with Adrienne, and I now am working on month two challenge- huh who knew what this one challenge could move me to!

5. My daughter loves yoga- (Age 5)

Building a foundation for yoga, was never a gift i had received so i am not taking this opportunity lightly/ she can begin now, and have that foundation when life becomes difficult somehow!

6. I laughed out loud awkwardly trying to make horse noises alone in a room, my family just a few rooms away wondering what the hell was happening!

7. Posture – the desk job since covid has me hunching poorly each day, but now i am focused and taking it day by day- both on and off the mat!

8. I light a candle each time i make my way to the mat, a process of intention and gratitude for all that I got! It’s a light for me, and a light on me, I am worth this, I am possibility!

9. I am finding motion again, with intensity and strength, i have been motivated to act and grow my self physically in a ripple of ways! It’s true what they say, once an object in motion, it stays in motion!

10. 30 days has been the beginning to a perfect SHIFT, and i smiled, harmonized , inhaled, focused and tried- and I am now reawakened and feeling alive and realigned!

You see, change is everything! here is your invitation to Adrienne- her 30 days- A perfect beginning to something new, because if I was worth it, you definitely are too!

Here is february’s Bridge sessions- if you want to join me for the next cycle of change, I encourage you to connect this link!

Every time you have smiled- this is your true self, keep searching her snd the rest will occur!

“No more stay”

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