I’m reaching out …. cause Things could always be better!

I am just four days off the facebook and instagram, yet i’m wondering….. What is there waiting for me, what have i lost, what have I not seen?

Naturally, without removing the app, i have found myself tapping into these platforms from time to time at times of mindlessly moving along through my day and sadly, not even realizing i’m taking this added journey!

It’s social media addiction

and for this month I am fighting back!

I am using my blog to connect these days, and want to build my writing skills! I love to reflect upon small little thoughts, and love that in real life i am the worst at finding the words, yet I keep learning, and practicing and writing as a way to strengthen my communications!

So what have I learned about thoughts these days?

The janitor informed me, that “things could be worse” is a negative thinking process!

Huh. and there it was, a change in perspective born just through communication, and i enjoyed his idea “things could be better” as a forward striving thinker-

He took the lead for me and this is my story today, so thank you sir for enlightening me, on thinking more positively!

cheers, happy Friday everyone! and seriously, thanks for clicking in! i’m social media withdrawing! lol

enjoy the wonderful weekend upcoming, cause things could always be better!

In case you want to know…. this happened yesterday !

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