The Cycle of YOUth -insight about the girls guide!

It is around 7 am and I am sitting quietly with myself knowing not long my two daughters will waken for their day, one with a smile and one, One change away!

Welcome to Shift your life design, a place which began with a focus on the mind, but forever growing! I am an advocate for mental health but still felt something was missing from here, until i realized it was my insight on the things that change us to feel vulnerable- our girlhood!!

The guide from girl to you- our cycle through our Youth is my new journey into the mind and experiences of us- the ladies of society!

I was 14 years old when my first period began! It was a day to celebrate our stepping stone into adulthood, yet emotionally, I was dysregulated, way earlier than here, but i was struggling to understand myself clear!

For those new to my blog, I want to welcome you through all things wellness, but i am changing- I want to guide you to be your resource for girls wellness! I am 38 years old and amongst a pandemic I am sitting quiet these days! I am not thriving in any given way but i am building upon new pathways! This past year I began studying advanced hormone health and I feel so blessed to have allowed this to surface itself! Being a woman can be hard but being a girl can be equally hard! No matter the age or diversity we create, we’ all face this one common thread – emotional pain.

I am a mom of three beautiful children, Ashur is my son and he brought me to SHIFT, as we struggled with behaviour and balancing a parental bliss! I have two girls- one 8 and one 5 each who have a wonderful spirit inside!

My middle daughter, was born at 36 wks small and petite now radiating a call towards all energy! She struggles emotionally! She works hard today to find a smile in her day, but is the first to step toward mastering her independent journey. We work regularly on finding peace within and always a new approach to reaction. She is fast and always takes the lead no matter the entity she thrives to succeed!

My youngest child is now 5 and flows easily through emotional tides! she is happy and is satisfied and content, which is easy right now snd i wonder what will become next?

I ride the roller coaster of emotions myself, so there is no way i could look at them with expectations! I am forever working to understand my mind, my experiences, snd changes over time!!

This brings me to now, the insight to girls wellness and my own experience through parenting stuff, the stuff that should come easy, never pans out as much!

Girls: a genetic creation of art!

I think about myself growing up girl and am reminded of all the confusing twists and turns I have faced and continue along my life pathway! How can I design a space for us girls to understand, align, create, and not let anything stand in the way of finding health and happiness as they make their own pathways?

My hope here is that someday , something here will help you through raising your daughter up and raising yourself up when the going gets tough!

Hormones are chemicals that serve to communicate to the body cells and body parts to perform a certain function. They work to regulate mood, affect, growth and development, metabolism, sexual maturation, and reproduction. But what happens when communication breaks down, and what we’re left with is an ailment of imbalance and dysregulation. I hope we can find a way through to prevention!

Hormones work much like communication outside of oneself. One wrong perspective can cause imbalance and relational breakdowns!

A healthy communication – both within the complex physiological system and our verbal and non verbal intuition can mean the difference in how we find health and happiness through the stages of growing up girl, so no matter the journey us girls will be on, remember to be empathetic, there’s already a lot going on!

Think of this section as a partnership! I will provide stories and information on all things girls health, and you do the work with the girls in your realms!!! The one thread we all have can will forever knit us together, is we’re all going to experience imbalances however!

Let’s see how this blooms, but i sure do hope it offers benefit to you!

Let’s find a way to decode our emotional states, and maintain connection with all the girls in our way- Allow it to guide you through your own emotional baggage and allow it to guide you to understand how this continues to influence you!

I hope we can surface communication both inside and out, and begin to understand and enhance our health (and our relationships to everybody else)!

Cheers to a new pathway ….. i cannot wait to get to work!

Oaklyn age 5
kalayha age 8
and me age 38- were okay!

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