Weight loss, For Me?

December 6th was the beginning of my personal realization that no one could gift me myself. from that day forward I realized that change was about doing something.


All this time my entire journey through social media was to promote resiliency and change, yet I was staying the same.

I am writing this blog in real time as of now. Feb 15,2021 I have changed some.

Here’s me, 12 lbs from Then and starting to recognize the secret success for weight management! I realized I have been lost. It has been that way for a long time, but I am finding my new path – one not difficult at all, just one I have neglected to cross!

My daughter woke me that day, she allowed me to rediscover a need.


My whole self- my mind, my body, my spirit, my direction.

I needed to change.

I needed a new way.

So i took my own path and am finding successfulness today!

I didn’t start a diet or another social trend, I stopped over eating daily, it’s the secret ticket within.

I am doing yoga daily now and taking short 10 minute walks, these, are not the secrets alone , it’s learning to calm my chaos! I am happy and rejuvenating, I no longer swirm in thoughts, I am me and finding me, and I am worthy of this need.

I pack my day lightly, i nourish only for my soul, I eat a large quantity of vegetables, and foods that are whole (but only sometimes).

You see, I love everything , I am human just like you, but everything and always was my problem through and through!

I stopped counting out my calories, i stopped eating with that plan, i started regulating nourishment and meals and how i plan.

I am no longer craving or starving through a day because i am resetting my hormones to have a chance to change. I needed to find a way to curve behaviour and I needed a new belief system.

I generally fast now till my hunger cue shines through sometimes at 10am, but often not till noon!

I pack my lunch with nourishment Designed to feed the mind, broccoli, cucumbers, peppers, the vegetables healed my bind! I pack a soup or something hardy, it’s there just in case, I am learning to eat for hunger, not for the glory in a taste!

I nourish at supper as i usually did, most times it’s prepared for kids, spaghetti, meat balls, pizza, strogenouf and grilled cheese sandwiches!

I was over doing healthy, It was with me all along, Following the rules set forth by leaders I admired wrong.

I now am doing me, and it’s working best for now,

I am listening to My cues and needs , and winning this painful journey of “I don’t know how!”

The secret to weight loss for me this far is feeding nutritionally, I have a wealth of knowledge yet I was perceiving it poorly!

Choose nutritionally (mostly).

We need to be available to consume celebration foods, And the world knows there is a focus around rich and flavourful moods!

Choose wisely at meals that matter not, eat less of daily richness and balance out the loss!

You require a deficit in there so make it work for you, stop over indulging always and find your way to consume meals that can feel bla to you- but not forever bla, just a balance of bla!

If your story was much like me, you probably are stuck thinking, “But I eat healthy”

Healthy is a hover term which can never be taken as fact, because healthy is a over term for food types and choices at that. A healthy personalized diet recognizes how much of a good thing you eat, because it doesn’t matter if it’s all healthy if your eating all the wrong amount!

I advocate for all food groups- because i have learned what they each do, I know they have a purpose in health and believe you eat what you do- but I ask you, is it too much for you?

A green smoothie for breakfast- protein powder, a fruit, maybe some more yogurt…. maybe some flax seed maybe some avocado……

a handful of almonds at 10

left overs again?!

It’s the 3 pm hunger – lunch room snacking

mmmm supper balance right – protein vegetable, carb….

maybe seconds / or thirds

Yaaaaaay it’s movie night – and a little snack won’t hurt me cause I ate healthy today!

That was December 5th and beyond all the days before,

now here’s a look at my day

I am not hungry.

but i love my coffee in the am!

10 am- hmmm im okay, or I’m hungry i’m going to eat one of my peppers!

12 – i take a walk or drive and i eat out of a drive -no longer eating as a hobby but fundamentally I feel hungry!

I start with the bag of broccoli and cucumbers, and eat these fist. I listen and understand if i want the soup next,and when and or if I do then i consume that part next!

I always have a packed bag of fruit or a portion of yogurt with me, i eat them if i am fundamentally hungry!

Almonds mmmm it’s 3 or what everyone else is having in the snack room- i have room now to choose Do i want to indulge now or feed a need!

what ever my decision is i consume from there.

Supper is my favourite meal, it’s always what i knew, so i savour any meal i want and learn to say no when i am full- (learning ……)

Water – sometimes i forget – no matter this i am still shedding…… (learning)

I sometimes like a glass of wine (or two)…. so I listen to my cue! (learning)

You see, I had to reroute my healthy in realizing abundance was keeping me stuck. No longer will I listen to a regimen that was holding me back from personalizing meals for me, and my body, and my need.

This is my path. I assure you i eat appropriate calories, because I adore food just like you. I just learned to choose more wisely and make room for snacks and celebratory foods- when they are presented as a tempting opportunity!

Please don’t judge this as either right or wrong, I’m tired of having someone guide me through the fog. I eat for me, and nourish me, however does me well, I eat to live and love the foods, and learning my choice can be right or wrong. Im building back a relationship that includes a give and a take,something i had lost back there and was taking selfishly all day!

I hope this helps you if your struggling too with letting go of the rules. eat Less when your not hungry and make room for when you are- or want to indulge in the snack room!

Learn to stop and learn to go. it’s the pathway that will get you to grow!

My blog is not about weight loss although i need this most, it’s about guiding you to nourish with foods and letting go of your patterned rituals.

Good nutrition is balance, no longer see it any other way, Choose to add the value but i remind you it’s a give and take!

12 pounds is not my journey, it’s learning to take a path, learning to go against the rules and see a new process!

Healthy is a journey- it is not a type of food, it is a balance of daily, and not only just what I consume.

I will be changing more for me, because i still battle to chose unhealthy, but I’m taking it in stride today and learning more than food, i’m seeing “what’s my story!”

Stillness gives me time , to reset my priorities, it brings me closer inward so I can rewrite my story!

My ten minute treadmill is not about weight loss, it’s about building a foundation in, it’s regulating exercise and learning to fit this in.



A shift in perspective.






Allow your own inner wisdom to be your only guide!

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