Hormone Health- the key to wellness both inside and out!

Get on track with your hormones to better understand your behaviour patterns!

I am 18 years in the making of being a nurse and it is only in this last two years I really took an interest in better understanding hormone health- and what i am discovering is that these are the master cells to everything else!

Hormones are the communication within our body and mind so without balance of these wonderful cellular signals, we potentially risk sending and receiving the wrong or missed messagings!

The body is made up of numerous glands and these are what host the hormone expressions!

The major glands are

  • hypothalamus.
  • pituitary.
  • thyroid.
  • parathyroids.
  • adrenals.
  • pineal body.
  • the ovaries.
  • the testes

The majority of clients with off symptoms often go toward the thyroid gland to excuse their cause. The fact is, all these glands have a roll in keeping us well because each produce the varying hormones that direct the signal!

The gland system, is also known as the endocrine system. The endocrine system makes the hormones that impact mood, affect, and behaviour, but also metabolism, reproduction, and organ behaviours.

The hypothalamus connects the nervous system

The pituitary the sex system

The pineal- sleep system

thyroid is metabolism system

parathyroid bone system

thymus the immune system

pancreas the hunger system

ovaries – the reproductive system

testes the reproductive, strength and feel good system!

Imagine – having all these systems working as functional as one could- we would feel, look, and function as we should.

Throughout our lives, or maybe at design, our glands development can be off, changing the way a signal or communication is set off. Hormones shift throughout our lives because the bodies underlying goal to listen to what ever integral signal becomes, influenced by genetics, environment, toxins, lifestyle,infections, cures, foods, (minerals and vitamins), and improper development. Any and all of these have the potential to shift our bodies response system.

Today i want to draw attention to the female cycle, a variable hormone system that changes throughout a month with purpose and design to procreate! this cycle begins in our female children far before the period arrives. In order to be at an optimal function at puberty, we must look before at all the possibilities that change the other interconnected hormones at hand. Child wellness is a key to optimal functionality, but is not the only optimal oppprtunity!

We have the power to shift hormone health at any stage throughout our female life but it requires understanding how we do life, how we experience life, and how we protect our body and lives!

The basic education that our health provider gives, is key to optimizing our health throughout the cycle of our lives: healthy eating, reducing sugars intentionally, and not just the sweet treats but the refined processed carbohydrates, physical activity, stress identification and management and sleep!

You see, what i’m saying up above is a surface look at our wellbeing. nutrient dense foods are sources of how our hormones communicate – through the micro nutrients – the transmitters of each system, so without them, we lose signal connection and over time, that system can break down.

Hormone health is vital through every stage of our life, and that is why we suggest these things each and every time.

When our hormone communication loses signal, our health is no longer optimal, and it is this that influences a dysfunctional gland, leading to disease and problems at hand.

I am so intrigued with the female menstrual cycle and how i feel in correlation to what day of a cycle i am on. the knowledge serves as a guidance to me, to how my body is functioning- either optimally or sub optimally!

If your interested in learning a bit more start to journal emotions and behaviours, begin to explore a little bit more.

Design a system from month to month to specifically see how your impacted by the natural rhythm of ovulation and menstruation!

You see, the thing about hormones is, there all on an axis! when one system is going wrong the potential is that it designs a new pathway of communication to all glands.

Your best defence to feeling good both inside and out is finding a way to shift balance into your life both within the mind, and the body, it’s the secret to health and the craving among each gland itself!

Take a step closer to understanding hormones and their role in optimizing wellness. If you want to feel good, start paving your life around the nourishment they can shift things back to a better more abundant health path!

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