Start with Why

The first question I ask myself today is WHY. Why start, why stop, why try!

Understanding your why clearly with clarity and confidence can undue the inner nature of your existence, your spirit your inner most authentic desire.

It is a new month and with a new beginning comes the possibility of letting go of what no longer serves you and making wonder for what could.

This month is about returning back to fitness. Not just any fitness but fitness surrounded by connection and wisdom! Group fitness has a way of charging my energy and speaking deeply to me, about the value in a community, the value in connection, and the value of sharing amongst everyone’s inner energy system!

I am returning back outward toward others this month, to bring me back to clarity, confidence and getting unstuck! I am a fitness leader and this is a creative outlet that brings me inward only to discover more about me, my delights and my needs!

Why do i want to begin another group fitness regimen? Because I want to win. I want to empower others to win, and I want to SHIFT my experiences day after day to make way for the energizing wisdoms I receive from all of them!

My adult life has brought me to appreciate the worth of group work, and not only can I rejuvenate my life, others will benefit and rejuvenate too!

Another question I present leading into a group fitness session is, What nourishment hopes do you wish will become?

This one is easy-

Balance in mind, body and spirit,

laughter and happiness

social connection and wellness

strength, flexibility and endurance


When we begin something, we often find our mind doubting our defines! Maybe I am not ready, maybe I will hold others back, maybe my level of fitness is not adequate enough to lead this class-

A lot of our hold ups to pursuing change lies in our mind and more, the stories we define. Today I want to brighten my story and share what I bring with all its glory!







Knowledge – new knowledge that I have obtained on two years of stillness

happiness mindset!

I also have a practice in stillness, a drive for achievement, A body that functions, And a drive to push through it!

These are my strengths that I must bring to the beginning of this new story, this new chapter of returning to group fitness after some time in recovery!

What are three physical strengths you will bring to this class?

– strength within my core

– Strong arms, and legs that allow me to push through the transitions

– weight loss, lighter edge this year, and it’s a new find after several long overweight years!

What are three mental strengths you will bring to this class?

-Resiliency training

-Mindfulness training

-Personality training – learning to strengthen my weakest personality traits-

What are three physical weaknesses you will work to surpass?

– My cardio endurance is lacking- Heavy breathing, fatigue, heaviness, and energy

– My joints ache and feel loose sometimes

– strength- amp up my strength and endurance and go further than I am going today!

What are three mental weaknesses you will work to surpass?

negative thinking traps- I can’t, I have no more, I am not strong enough

– frustration

-getting to far ahead in my mind- stay focused on one activity at a time!

I hope that breaking down why your why can help guide you through an obstacle holding you! what do you really want from this month to come, what will it take to move that along! so look forward to reconnecting back with a new set of understandings and setting future goal paths!

Happy March everyone!

You got this!

❤️ Tara

Shift your mind, shift your life!

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