A glance at my first card read

I know many of you don’t know me, so listening to my first card read would mean nothing for you but I want to share with you today about my experience through this journey and connection with spirituality! I am the creator of a fun business shift your life design – that guides you to realize you too are only one change away!

This lil business is make believe! What that means is I sell nothing I do nothing but offer guidance, insight, support and connection for you to find your soul and your path to your greater unknowns!! It’s a “I really don’t know “ journey- yet it keeps me guiding toward a shift into what yet is of existence!

I mean I’ve had a lot of “what am I doing this for?” moments – “what is this purpose” and what is the meaning? yet despite not knowing it somehow pulls me to keep it going!

Today i took a stay vacation and went into the spa to meet with a card reader! At first i booked in for some fun, but then i wondered could it open up new possibility, allow me to see and perhaps more, serve to guide me?

I recorded the experience and if you wanna hear and feel a bit from such an experience, you can find it here! A glance into my cards

My favourite part was learning about past lives and perhaps my now spirit guides! It’s not everyday we take time to reflect on our ancestors and their path, but an opportunity like this allows one to begin to gain insight and understanding how far we’ve come and how far we can go- all to move mountains for the next generations beyond our know!

I loved hearing my hard inner work is valuable- because most days i wonder – what is this all for?!

Today i will not know but tomorrow perhaps we learn what was never in existence to become truly magnificent!

Keep going….. Your one change away!

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