How to start calisthenics!

How to start Calisthenics.

If you are a very beginner to any fitness then. perfect! If your an expert to fitness, then perfect! I started studying calisthetics this past two weeks because I adore the strength shown by training your body using your body! I am a fitness instructor with a special interest in music- rhythm and body resistance training! I want to first say, congrats on stopping on this post today! you should be so proud and more- excited for the decision you have made to move forward on a path your dreaming of! Just by you stopping here reading this, it says you care about your health, wellness and learning!

With every new new beginning the basic start is to learn how you can begin mastering the basics ( pull up, push ups ,dips , & squats).

My goal is to handstand again someday, so this is what it will take to set the motion in such a way!

Calisthetics is essentially full body workouts that focus on using your own body as your most crucial training tool!

Simple full body workout routine

(4 time per week 3 to 5 sets 8-15 repetitions )

1. Abs and core work ( 10 minutes)

2. Push ups/ knee push ups

3. Pull ups/ body row/ assisted pull up

4. Dips/assisted dips

5. lower body- squats/ box squats/lunges

Here is the anatomy of calisthetics

1. Push/pull

2. Upper/lower

3. Straight arm/ bent arm

* Pull/push will encompass both legs and upper body into two splits routine. You can do 2 push and 2 pull days a week.

* Upper/lower exercises tend to work well if you include other sports or activities thst work lower legs!

* Straight arm/ bent arm is more of an exclusive upper body split where you work on more of the static movements and handstand on the straight arm days. On the bent arm days you work more of the full range of motion movements.

Needed equipments

1. you

2. practice

3. confidence

4. and a will to show up while never giving up!

5. oh ps… can find a few things around the parks- ie: Parallel bar/ rings or pull up bar!

I’m not an expert on this form of fitness but i can say that by beginning and focusing on new gains day after day- I will arrive at expert in some way!

cheers, happy Monday

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