Destined Journey

What in this life can we receive both the destination and journey together simultaneously?!

The only thing I can think of, is this exact moment, right now! Nothing back when and nothing up ahead- just this moment now! – How amazing is this!

I have always wished away the journey- hoping or dreaming to one day have all my desires land in my lap- without effort, los, failure or pain- But then I decided- Is that really living ?

Over this past month of training for wellness, my #fitforforty journey, it occurred to me that that the ideal wish for me, is learning to find a way to fit in behaviour change-

I have discovered along this past month of consistency, that this ability to show up daily far exceeds my destiny!

Progress is an amazing domaine! It could never be descovered if we started at the destiny so today I enjoy every step i take no matter how big, for it is the journey worth celebrating!

I am learning to celebrate in the moment! Smile- harmonize- inhale-focus- and try- moment after moment- and all my dreams will soon ignite!

Moments to remember

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