Just a couple of SHIFTS can open the flood gates

No one can successfully change all things at the same time, but one can change a couple of things, and these will set the multiplication of numourous things!

2021 has been a health focused journey toward fit at forty! January began with a journey of thirty days, behaving daily with a free yoga challenge, https://yogawithadriene.com/, as recommended through a friend, generally the start of a shift with a plan, a focus and a challenge to begin building change within!

I took her journey into February, then moved into my own treadmill committments- inspiring me to keep moving forward, adding a winter bootcamp to stimulate ongoing SHIFTS as a way to stay committed!

That bootcamp was a small group of energetic woman, and the comment came from one of them, “I hope i can maintain my regimen!”

Their comment sent me into a new journey to sustain my routine and I found my way through the last snow falls of winter by adding some fitness workouts anywhere! Spring was arriving and I was finding the freedoms withing fromeach of these workouts made, and soon I decided to share somewhere, and instagram reels opened up further change! Fast foreward again- a momentum of new purpose and new goals became #fitforforty #handstands and #calisthetics for the win, or a least something I have been trialing! check them out here!Tararudy_shift

Today celebrates greater than 50 days into a change, and I want to shout out the secret truths: Just a couple of behaviours regularly is the key, the secret strategy for opening the flood gates of change!

I have been studying alot of influencers who are heroic change agents and what find in all of them is the hiearchy in which behaviour is placed! Which vital behaviours thou, what does one have to do? Any one of their tips, but applied daily snd regularly!

We must first decide on the outcome we desire, find a way to study those peoples behaviours, and then test the requests by applying the time, the action, one day at a time! Always reassess with this thought, “ Inorder to improve my current life, how must I shift again, to become closer to the Hotspot!”

start with your Why……

Goal setting

self discipline

positive performance vrs punishment

self monitoring


revision again and again






and then shift again and remember your WHY!

Essentially 2021 is about learning my mind and adjusting regularly, adding one or two behaviours at a time! In order to find my success in this journey to forty, I must continue with application of change to complete my story!

So for you how can you begin? Find one or two shifts today and begin! Continue with focus far into space , know where your going but begin with a taste! With destination in mind it can serve to remind, how one activity then another then another will unwind! (dont forget to and re-evaluate from time to time!)

Change takes its shape when one can keep these vital behaviours in mind, after this goals help actions align!

My journey has brought exercise to my life more than before, now its daily and Im loving the regularity!

One daily change can make change take shape, its whats doing it and opening flood gates!

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