My 40 truths

1. I loved creating a stay at home adventure this past year! Im am leaving a decade behind in amongst covid and have been working hard on this last piece to 40 by integrating fitness into my routine daily (or at least regularly)! My first truth is that I made some dumb decisons in this past year, which interfered with my daily training goal- Due to unforseen night-outs and going extreme, beyond societys standard of healthy drinking, i had hangover days where there was simply no way to find my way to work out- for reasons that were clear- #shithappens

2. My kids kept me moving out the door each and every morning let me explain myself- they wake early- so the key is to be awake earlier- and this helped me check time for me, alone, for my wellbeing! #parentingtips

3. My kids are crazy most days and they fuel my crazy- which works in such a way that were all a bit dysfunctionally crazy- but were finding our way to regulate daily- #emotionaldysregulation

4. I dream of becoming a business owner. #dreams

5. I appreciate all my friendships- from my past, within the present, and looking foreward to all my future ones- thank you. #friendspainttheworldbeautifully

6. I have been touched by losing a loved on to covid this past year. #covidloss

7. I love time alone – honestly. #selfcare

8. My husband is still the kindest person i know. #love

9. I miss the good ole days- #pandemic

10. I am proud of all my parents and their journeys #family

11. I am constantly questioning my purpose. I have survived death before and always believed my life was saved for a purpose beyond my existance! #neardeathexperiences

12. I used to struggle with pain and victimization too- I believe your truth. #truth

13. I love being a mom but struggle in knowing the way- every single day. #parenting

14. i have been battling my weight since I was a small kid. Learning to love oneself doesnt get better with agr, but we learn to accept our flaws and translate. #bodyimage

15. I am a writer. my first book was put out there in the universe to share that were all walking the impossible- yet we can make it- its possible- I own a blog, titled #shiftyourlifedesign and it began with mental health in mind. i believe in the better good and write about what ever feels right the days i open it up to blog about stuff. I have been working on my second book and it too is about learning to be the better good when everything, even me feels unsettled and extreme. “The halfway house”. #blogger

16. I am passionate for fashion – but have not had money to spend on new clothes since becoming a mom. I adore thrift shopping and redesigning shirts into new experiences- #fashionlover

17. I am a creative thinker and believe this is one of my strongest strengths about me- #creativethinker

18. Im noticing my aging lines and recently started applying a night cream (my momma bought it for me at costco and it is amazing- and thst gift was amazing). #Olay #retinol24

19. After all these years, dancing is something I remain passionate about. I love music and movment- #dancer

20. I am a photographer- i love building memories through creative photography! #photographer

21. Im still having wine tons after work these days #aglassaday

22. I instantly form a connection with other libras like me! #astrology

23. Im attracted to business casual fashion and am totally loving earrings as my favorite accessory- it helps when you hate your hair and wanna up the beauty from what i am blessed with. #positivethinking

24. I still have not mastered the #daily- i show up regulalry but theres so much more i need to grow in order to master this healthy living motto!

25. I lost myself a few times this year, smoked a few smokes – good work momma way to cope- i am by no way proud of it, but am human- guess what thou- I cleared that up and gonna try again to strive at being my best at least another few years! #notperfect

26. I loved the hardest lessons the most- maybe not the time but looking back on life! i remember learning to drink long island iced tea back when i was a teen- have i dont it again- heck no- #lessonlearned

27. it took me many many years but ive learned to consume my coffee black- #coffee

28. I like to pretend i am a singer star- and kereoke is my jam – oh and bring on the dance! #music

29. I swear alot- i know #newsflash

30. I love being a mom and a wife, but both of which are fucking hard! #family

31. Im diggin skrizzly Adams these days- download him and see what you have been missing #skrizzlyadams

32. I survived a viral myocarditis and im still scared but I do this pandemic anyway! #covid

33. My favorite food – just kidding i love all foods! #favorites

34. Im still afraid of the dark some days #darkdays

35. I am a billet mom and love having these boys to watch grow #billetmom

36. Jons by far the better cook, but cooking is a state of zen for me! #hobbies

37. I love hats and hat days! #hats

38. I am only starting to know my own identity! #40yearstoknow

39. my favorite day is surrounded with friends and my kids on the river boating, laughing, singing and swimming! #boatingdays

40. I really dont know what this next decade will bring! #fortyandfabulous but i do know its a mindset! I struggle with change but embrace it daily! I want to believe we are growing up strong and showing our kids how to bounce back from the fog. My family struggles the most with resiliency but we practice this exceptionally! we make the most mistakes gracefully! #resliency

This is 40

I used to look at those forty year olds and think my god your old! not so old now! happy to be forty today- thanks for taking a moment to read a bit about my journey!

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