The Magic of perspective

As we move away from Christmas 2021 and into a brand new year I would like to take a few moments to reflect upon something our family practiced during the past holiday season! Perspective!

Christmas is a time for connection, reflection and also to learn acceptance of the imperfection! Its a time we often strategize the perfect plan to make holidays nourishing and memorable yet somehow we allow what comes be a let down from our perceived ideas on how sometimes in life we never get enough!

Gifts work this way too- we build an internal expectation of the perfect gifts but when it doesnt happen this way, we face dissapointment! We internalize hurt when we give something that we thought was the perfect fit- yet somehow when their response is less than what we put into it- we leverage the disappointment! You see, it comes from a mindset or a preconceived set of beliefs.

My son brought home his first christmas gift, to lead us into the season of giving and receiving! He was proud to show off his new coffee cup, but something about his experience seemed off! He placed his gift down on the counter and moved on from it shorlty after he shared with us what he had received, it was lacking the magic of getting the perfect something- ….. There it was an experience of getting something that you didnt want or need or at least how you initially perceived!

I was left perpectually stuck watching this experience of a grateful boy without that grateful spark!

This cup would join us throughout the next few weeks as we lived out the holiday season! It would become apart of us, and it would show up- no matter what! I wanted to really get time for connection with this cup to show my children that it really was enough! The intention was to appreciate seeing things not at face value but with love, with gratitute and with a new perspective of how we experience anything will magically ignite everthjng!

This cup was not flawed- yet somehow the experience felt that way. In all things we receive, it comes to us in how we perceive.

This cup may have seemed boring to what met the eye, it may have seemed too simple at the time and even a litte annoying in the mind! My kids have been struggling with their emotional wellbeing this year! From poor attitudes, to not being enough, to victimization, and not owning there stuff! I mean theres shit in between all of these responses- hurtful things that change our sense of being enough, but this is inside each of us to undo the difficult stuff! My kids cups are drained from multiple experiences with pain and new ways, so over and over again a deflated experience awaits! How can they fill there cups again? how can we shift past? how can we learn to overcome? how will they learn to surpass? We are contantly faced with disappointing stuff- so how we handle EVERYTHING is really up to us!

The cup brought us comfort, it brought us to love, it brought us experience and lots of fun stuff!

My mission is to teach my children that much like this cup- they are enough! Its all about the way we experience this stuff! We cannot change the disapointing stuff but we can enhance our responses to the face value stuff!

Many of the common trends underlying our experiences with others is a misrepresentation of our worth. There is a misunderstanding of who we are and what we bring, so lets fill our cups with all these good things- lets show the world what we deserve and more what we bring- our worth! Being a victim to pain is one way to face experience but it leads us to suffering! (And a lonely cup waiting to be valued by someone)- what were missing is the ability to see That this cup is already valuable we just chose to see it differently! The gift is much bigger than just a thing-the gift is the thought and mindset we bring! It gave us the gift to shift all that we see, all that we experience and all that we believed! If you want your children to be enough, teach them to see it through the small stuff!

This cup was a gift for all of us and came early in the season to help us leverage every opportunity to fill up our cups and to master the imperfect stuff! This cup is a cup- it is not flawed its just that we werent focused at all!

Have a browse on and you will see, the perfect gift was gifted we just needed a new learning!

The magic isnt what meets the eye, its what we do with it to allow the fun come alive! To the girl who gave the best gift of 2021 – we truly thank you! We found the joy and appreciate the experience with it!

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