Theres a pattern behind your resistence……

Ive been a food addict for most of my life, battling obesity since my early teens.

At the young age of 14 my mom invited me to join weight watchers with her and we both successfully worked intentionally, day after day to find our weight loss way. Slowly the weight returned as life and experiences went on, so did the pounds.

I remember beginning back down the spiralling trend of battling the scale after finding my way 20 pounds beyond my weight loss- and the journey of gain continied beyond those days, up still till now- 40 and forever wishing for my weight loss goals to happen-

Three kids later and living a stressfilled life filled with to do’s, responsibility, and overall burnout and fatigue- has allowed me to excuse my ability to lose weight again. I have patterned my way to the weight i am- and the journey of forever struggling. Food is rewarding and comforting, calming and suducing. Easy cheap foods at any opportune times in a day, would find their way into my hand yet I would mask these tendancies and blame everything other then calories.

Mindless eating is a negative coping mechanism to which which I have mastered unwillingly! If I could change the way I perecieve a sense of wellness and relief- it is then I could master the art of nutrition!

Most of you who read my blog know i believe in the mind muscle and the power it holds.

I began to SHIFT a behaviour recently to challenge my mental energy toward food and behaviors I make surrounding eating and food in general. I opted to dial back my behaviors for Just the week. I wanted to host some time to analyze where I go and where I hold back. Its a strategy to shift my behavior patterns for awhile to learn about myself and get to know where I struggle. If you dont learn where you are, how are you going to build in new behaviors for change. To find the new pathway- study the one you were and are on. Learn where your mind goes, what triggers you and your behaviour toward foods. You see, I have failed miserably to own my shit, keeping me from achieving a true behaviour shift. My goals, aspirations and desires live foreward over there, yet i have applied little to assessing my current strengths, weaknesses- and tendancies from there! You see, for a true willingness to explore, you must learn to harmonize your truth, and focus precisely on whats affecting you!

Out lives are similar to a kaleidascope, you can rotate the lens and discover the magic of something else!






learn to find peace within your mind and recovery will come from here- we all must know where we are in order to learn where we want to go! One step at a time.

I am gaining a whole new sense of renewal and learning to lean on my weaknesses as a goal to succeed!

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