We didnt see it coming….

If we had, would it have worked out differently? Could we have done something to change the entire trajectory?!

Our children are living in a world surrounded by strain, emotional distancing and taught daily to tolerate the pain.

This is resiliency as they might say- take it in yet learn to walk away!

But just one action leads to a reaction – the ripple effect – until we no longer feel we can tolerate the distress-

what then, should we do?

Lets place the blame back onto them, never something new- Assume they should do better because this is our youth!

But sadly It’s our adults too.

Gaining back control isn’t something new.

We all find a way to bully back too, all in line to regain our dignity and truth.

So either you take the blame or we carry the shame….. it’s really left on you

Its often just one truth that gets filtered through- leading to a disappointment from a boy we assume we knew-


he’s suffering too.

I didn’t see it coming is that really our truth-

is it a way to convince ourselves we did everything right- that we made every effort yet he again messed up the fight!

Our kids are left to convince us adults to help them by listening to their truth- instead we look and judge and say, it’s a problem of our youth.

We hadn’t seen the signs that he’s suffering through, to fight to belong in a cruel world – as we knew!

I see it coming I feel his truth, i’m asking for help but he’s just too disappointing for you.

I’m sorry he was mad and was hurtful yet am glad. He took his stance to stand up to his pain, and lashed back in retaliation cause he valued his own domain.

He found the courage to regain a sense of dignity today, yet somehow he’s pinned as the enemy!

He should have – neglected his worth and the pain he suffered first….. yet instead he retaliated for himself first.

But We didnt see it coming – I heard them all say,

If we had, would we have done it differently, could it have easily changed his trajectory?’

Can you see it yet? he was suffering too

another missed opportunity to help another vulnerable youth.

I didn’t think of it then, but if not then ….. when….

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