A little about Me

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Just a Simple Girl with a passion for finding my way. If  all life lessons could design our destiny,  would you learn? Shift and I collided after I too wanted to find my destined path! I now understand each failure shifts me forward, but only if I’m willing to go! Shift your mind- shift your life!
I have a passion for all things new, and believe that Everything can be redesigned, and that my friends, is how Soul’s Desire came to mind!

Im a brunette who loves Hair makeovers

My Go to stress reliever: Time alone in my tub

The smartest Advice I have ever recieved:  Be brave and try

The thing I value most about Others: Confidence and Bravery

The fun Stuff: Music and Dance, and fashion at a fraction! I believe business causal is a perfect way to Feel confidently beautiful every single day- either at work or at play!

Follow my vlog- as I too make my way to a beautifully redesigned life! Smile – harmonize- inhale-focus-try- it is truly up

to you!



I am a wife and a mother of three – all of these four people inspire me daily to keep growing and shifting – live – learn and grow!

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