Tara Rudy, NP

Welcome to your first SHIFT ! l! This is your one stop shop for free resources on personal and social empowerment to change!

I am Tara Rudy and for nearly 20 years i have helped people to strengthen there health both inside and out! I am and remain a girl still trying to find her way, each and every day, through the adventures of change!

SHIFT and I collided after becoming a mom and feeling as if the world was coming undone!! I share about the chaotic truths of life and reveal some of the tried and true measures to rebuild our foundation to life- Our mental health.   From someone who has big emotional responses and children with oversized thought processes, I study up regularly on this stuff!  If you (or your child) struggles regularly with emotional regulation, then  this might be the right space to learn how to manage these fights, and learn to untangle the messiness of life!…..

A few things about me : A mom, A daughter, A friend, Courageous, A joy, dynamic, brave, professional, resilient,  fitness leader and advocate,  a teacher, believer, A Nurse Practitioner with a special interest in family wellness, High five leader, Photographer, writer, creator, influencer, dancer, music lover, enthusiast,  & most impantly, a re- creator!

Shift your mind, shift your life……. Your one change away!

So… Are you interested in digging in and discovering your change?

Lets begin, Oh PS…….

Im a brunette who loves Hair makeovers

My Go to stress reliever: Time alone in my tub

The smartest Advice I have ever received:  Be brave and try

The thing I value most about Others: Confidence and Bravery

The fun Stuff: Music and Dance

You can find me here, and over there on instagram https://instagram.com/tararudy_shift

and podcasting – https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/shift-your-life-design/id1387842107


I have realized in this life, that no one can shove and push you to change, you must be the one to find this space! With all that, I began growing for me, taking in and learning what life looks like with possibilities!

My purpose is the teach and educate souls, who feel a bit lost too, to return to a new path that can awaken them to their whole!

It is all connected- Out perception, experiences and what we take away from it!