Activate life

I have spent The past 10 years of my life learning more about athletics, as it draws both a mental preparation for commitment, as well as the physical preparation, for body challenge.  From Zumba, Tabata, and Group Bootcamps, I believe in the power of having an active lifestyle as much as the power of an Active mind.    I am focused on making fitness feel rejuvenating by keeping it NEW*FUN*CHALLENGING & suitable to everyone!  I am a forever learner For all aspects of Athleticism, including the changing faces of  fitness, nutrition, and Group therapy!

Group fitness class

An active life can be uniquely perceived for all of us! I believe an active life must be activity outside our our day to day living- it must be time set aside to do fitness fun!

My journey of an active life began years back after I found the courage to join the fitness community by signing up to a group bootcamp class! It was a move I will never regret, in fact it opened so many doors I never dreamed would be for me!

I discovered my passion for fun fitness along the way- and moved my passion forward by taking fitness leadership Courses so I could instruct and support woman along their journey through an active life!

For tutorials on getting fit, finding your Nache, getting started on something new, and having fun as we go find me on VIMEO & FACEBOOK

Fitness live on Vimeo

Or join a wonderful group of inspiring teammates that allow me to celebrate fitness each and every day!